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Indian Breads Recipes

Pan Fried - Flat Breads

Chapati ~ How to make soft Chapatis a pictorial
Rajasthani Missi Roti
Layered Parota ~ Tamil Nadu Special
Kothu Parotta ~ A street food special
Lachcha Paratha
How to bake Naan in Oven ~ Baked Naan with Step by Step pictures
Naan without Tandoor Oven ~ How to make Naan on Stove top
Tawa Naan Recipe | Making Naan on Tawa

Pan Fried - Stuffed

Daal Paratha
Leftover Rice Parathas
Mooli ka Paratha
Onion Chapati
Stuffed Aloo Parathas
Stuffed Paneer Parathas
Stuffed Tofu Parathas
White Pumpkin Paratha
Gobi Paratha
Peas Stuffed Parathas
Peas Mixed Parathas
Sweet Potato Paratha | Sweet Potato Indian Flatbread

Deep Fried - Flat Breads

Phulko Luchi ~ Bengali Special
Batura ~ Punjabi Special

Deep Fried - Stuffed

Masala Puri
Palak Puri ~ Spinach Puri
Coconut Masala Stuffed Puri
Stuffed Peas Poori
Dal Stuffed Poori Recipe


Biyam Roti ~ Rice Flour Rotis ~ Andhra Special
Jonna Roti ~ Andhra Special
Jonna Roti - Video by Athamma
Sadda Roti ~ Bajra Savory Pancake
Tandoori Roti
Ragi Roti

101 Dosa Varieties

Basic Plain Dosa
Paper Roast Dosa
Spiced Masala Dosa
Adai ~ Dosa with Lentils
Pesarattu ~ Andhra Special
Rava Dosa
Masala Dosa
Kal Dosa
Aloo Dosa ~ Potato Dosa
Appam ~ Kerala Special
Baby Corn Masala Dosa
Bread Dosa
Carrot Masala Dosa
Cheese Dosa
Coconut Dosa
Corn Flour Dosa
Curds Dosa ~ Perugu Minapattu
Dosa with Erra Karam & pappulla Podi
Egg Dosa
Erra Karam Masala Dosa
Goduma Dosa ~ Chapdosa
Korra Biyam Dosa ~ fox Millet Dosa
Mini Dosas
Mixed Dal Dosa
Paneer Cheese Pizza Dosa
Sajja Dosa ~ Bajra Flour Pancake
Soft Dosa with Poha
Spinach Masala Dosa
Tomato Dosa
Soya Bean Dosa
Soya Bean Uttappam
Kadambam Dosa ~ Mixed Lentil Crape
Onion Podi Dosa
Karam Dosa (Whole Onions, Red Chili powder Mix)
Onion Dosa ~ Indian Crepe with Onions
Ganji Dosa with Ulli Karam, Aloo Masala | Porridge Crepes with Onion Spice paste, Potato Curry

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