Thursday, September 20, 2007

Jonna Roti ~ Jowar Roti

I was introduced to Jonna Roti when my Athamma prepared it at home. She got the flour from Andhra with her, when she came down to stay with us. Hailing from Anantapur, they have a great influence of Karnataka over their cuisine to some extent. Knowing few dishes that are prepared at their home, I am not sure if it belongs to Andhra or Karnataka.

Jonna Roti is one such dish. This is more of a staple bread to them than anything else. Whenever Athamma makes this, she fondly remembers her mom and recollects her many childhood events that revolved around this Rotis. Infact rolling out this roti is an art that is learnt from childhood and not an an easy one to master.

I even took a video of Athamma rolling out this roti but it ended up being such a huge file that Blogger wouldn't load. So will have to have the video session taken some other time. Athamma makes Jonna Roti frequently for dinner as this is supposed to be healthy. This can be taken by people who want to loose weight or have diabetes. Now this roti is something that my daughter is fond of too. And she eats just like that. Athamma suggests this to be served with any Non Veg gravy, Nune Vankai or even Sambar. The way to eat this is to tear the roti to pieces, pour the gravy over the top , let it soak and then eat. yummy!

Jonna Roti

Ingredients Needed

Jowar Flour / Jonna Pindi - 1 cup
Wheat flour - 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Hot water for mixing.

Method to prepare:

In towns or villages, they pound the flour directly from the grains. But these days you get ready flour, but these lack the gum to hold the rotis, so Athamma add a tsp of wheat flour to give the stickiness.

Take the flour in a bowl, with jowar flour and salt. Mix well. Heat water and pour over the flour. With fingers rub in, then with tepid water you can mix it to make a dough. The secret is, it should not crumble away. Divide into equal balls

Take enough flour for dusting, spread and place one ball on the flour and with your fingers hit on it slowly. It should expand not break down. Keep adding more flour to get a smooth roti. When is small in shape you will use the fingers, later it will expand to the entire hand. Gently lift it on one side and place it on the hot tawa. The one you have spread should be facing up.

Take a cloth and dip in water and spread on the roti. It will get cooked this way. The puffy of this roti depends on the variety you have used. Athamma says with other varieties available at their place, it will puffy up nicely. Else it will only puff at small areas.

Once you are sure its cooked on one side, gently turn it around to cook on the other side. Its done when you see darkening on each side. When you eat with ghee dropped on hot Rotis, it tastes heaven.

I am sending this to Asha for her RCI: Karnataka. Not sure if she is going to accept but I am sending this nevertheless...:)...

Enjoy, check out the Video.

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Nags said...

this brings back so many childhood memories. my grandmom used to make jonna dosa :)

Siri said...

Hey Srivalli,

Adding wheat flour is such a nice idea..:D.. my mom used to make these Jowar Roti and there are so many memories with them just like nags.. :D Thanks for letting us reliving those memories..:)..

Rajitha said... load the visuals when you are free..the roti looks awesome and healthy too...

lakshmi said...

same pinch :D

Latha Narasimhan said...

Why will saha ever say no? The more the merrier! There sure is some telepathy! I just posted my jonna rotti! Nice entry sri!

Asha said...

Jolada rotti is a classic Noth K'taka bread, why don't I accept it? Looks yum, thank you!:))

musical said...

Jowar roti looks really good! This with chilli garlic chutney is great!

Tee said...

Love jonna rotti! These look perfect! I will try adding wheat flour next time...i have a recipe for leftover rottis on my blog which i posted yesterday (if there are any) ;).

Cynthia said...

The way to eat this Jonna rotti is exactly the way my mom likes to eat her dhal with roti :D

Padma said...

Wow what a perfection in making jonna rottis, I have to use your trick in making them, mine always cracks up in the end. Ur MIL is from Anantpur, right, they make fabulous jonna rottis..I know i have a fren from that place and she makes so effortlessly :( sad for me!

Rachna said...

wow this is new... i need to find jowar aata here...

Srivalli said...

Nags, glad this did...dosa also would be very tasty

Siri, glad I did...thats nice to know. I think we should keep the tradition in place

Rajitha, sure will have to take new shots and load..and these are very healthy

lakshmi, yeah I checked yours too...nice

Lathamma, glad that asha accepted. I checked yours too...very nice

Asha, thanks...very nice of you

musical, wow thats a nice combi

Tee, yes I read the whole stuff...i liked your dad's version too

Cynthia, thats nice to know

Padma, yeah she is from there and they learn to make these from young. So its an art

Rachna thanks...then you should check for this and try

SeeC said...

I have never tried this.

Nice entry.

SeeC said...

I have never tried this.

Nice entry.

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