Making of Jonna Rotti (Jowar Roti) ~ A video!

Ok, finally we were able to get this action in place! Kindly excuse my amateurish voice that went along the video, the making is pretty much self explanatory!.

Jonna Rotti - Part 1

Jonna Rotti - Part 2

Jonna Rotti - Part 3

Ingredients Needed

Jowar Flour / Jonna Pindi - 1 cup
Wheat flour - 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Hot water for mixing.

Method to prepare:

In towns or villages, they pound the flour directly from the grains. But these days you get ground flour, but these lack the gum to hold the rotis, so you can add a tsp of wheat flour to get the dough stay together.

Take the flour in a bowl, with jowar flour and salt. Mix well. Heat water and pour over the flour. With fingers rub in, then with tepid water you can mix it to make a dough. The secret is, it should not crumble away. Divide into equal balls

Take enough flour for dusting, spread and place one ball on the flour and with your fingers hit on it slowly. It should expand not break down. Keep adding more flour to get a smooth roti. When is small in shape you will use the fingers, later it will expand to the entire hand. Gently lift it on one side and place it on the hot tawa. The one you have spread should be facing up.

Take a cloth and dip in water and spread on the roti. It will get cooked this way. The puffy of this roti depends on the variety you have used. Athamma says with other varieties available at their place, it will puffy up nicely. Else it will only puff at small areas.

Once you are sure its cooked on one side, gently turn it around to cook on the other side. Its done when you see darkening on each side. When you eat with ghee dropped on hot Rotis, it tastes heaven.

Do let me know your feedback, I am planning to get Athamma make some authentic dishes. so let me know if the videos can be changed or edited or changed!

This goes to my Roti Mela!

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