The story of a Rising Pulka!

A pulka is judged by the way it rises. A pulka is a pulka but lot goes in the way it is prepared. The story of the rising Pulka at home is a long story. My Dad is a pulka lover. Forever you can hear him saying, he wants Pulkas for dinner. But somehow Amma never gets down making it everyday. When she does, she says its so easy that it can be everyday but somehow after that dinner, it will again be forgotten until Dad reminds us again.

Dad even got us a brand new Roti or Pulka maker and Amma, till the end of it, never tried preparing Pulkas in it. After a considerable rest in the loft, we thought its time to give a farewell to the Roti Maker. We finally disposed it, without even trying it out. Amma tried many other manual pans which could bring out that beautiful fluffy delicate Pulkas, but everything turned out bad. After many such pans never seeing the light of the day or the night, we concluded that cooking it directly on the stove burner is the only way we can get it out royally. To my Dad's ire, hubby dear used to say that, he used to eat lovely pulkas in Delhi. Dad would immediately say Amma can also prepare very good ones, only she never wants to. Then we would go preparing Pulkas for a while but the story repeats itself.

Finally there was a salvation for the dear Pulka. Amma was able to find a perfect hand grill pan for making pulkas. Thus came the end to our search for a perfect Pulka and we had a glorious rising Pulka.


Whole Atta - 3 cups
Water - 1 cup
Salt to taste
Milk - 2 tbsp

Method to prepare:

Take the atta and make a well in middle. Add salt and milk. Mix well. Then add water to get a real soft dough. It should not be very stiff but rather loose dough.

Keep it aside for 20 to 30 mins. Make small balls from the dough. Roll out dusting with atta in between.

Heat the tawa. Once its hot, sim it roast the rolled out pulkas on the tawa. Cook on one side, turn it back. Then take the grill and put it on direct high flame. The trick here is to put the side that was already cooked on the flame to get the rise in the pulka.

Well most of you might already know this, but just adding it for my own sake.

I always make Pulkas with Dal Makhani as I found this to be the prefect combi. It tastes great with butter smeared on the hot pulkas. You just press little butter on top and fold the pulka as a handkerchief, tear it into two and eat it with Dal Makhani..Perfect!

I am sending this to RCI: Punjabi, my humble Pulkas.

I have thoroughly enjoyed preparing this. Best was trying to capture the perfect Pulka.

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