Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dry Side Dishes ~ Vepudu, Poriyal, Thoran or Veggies with Dry / Medium Saute

With Potatoes

Alu Posto ~ Potatoes with Poppy seeds
Spicy Potato Roast
Potato Podimas- LBS#12
Til ko Alu ~ Potato fry with Sesame Seeds
Palak Aloo Sukha
Urulai Puli Curry LBS #46
Urulakizzangu Thoran ~ Potato Fry Kerala Style
Microwave Potato Peas Roast with Step by Step pictures
Microwave Roasted Potatoes with Herbs
Microwave Potato Roast | Urulai Kizhangu Varuval

With Arbi

Arbi / Colacasia Deep fry- LBS#7
Arbi Deep fry with Idli batter-LBS#20
Arbi Fries
Arbi Stir Fry
Baked Colocasia Roast ~ Baked Arbi Roast

With Raw Plantain/ Banana/ Valakai / Artikaya

Arti Danttu Vepudu ~ Plantain Stem Stir fry in moong dal - LBS#31
Artikaya Fry / Plantain Sit Fry- LBS#14
Plantain Stem Kootu- LBS#17

With French Beans

Beans Carrot Fry - LBS#16
Beans Carrot Moong Dal Usili - LBS#18
Beans Carrot Stir Fry - LBS#13
French Beans Kootu - LBS#37
Beans Paruppu Usili LBS 54
Microwave Beans Paruppu Usli

With Beets

Beetroot Poriyal in Wraps
Beetroot Poriyal - LBS#15

With Bindi/ Okra/ Lady's Finger

Bendakaya Vepudu ~ Okra Stir Fry - LBS#5
Bindi Masala
Bhindi Masala Recipe | How To Make Bhindi Masala

With Cabbage

Cabbage - Usili with Yellow Moong Dal - LBS#4
Cabbage Poriyal
Cabbage Dry Curry - LBS# 51

With Indian Broad Beans

Chikkudu Kaaya Vepudu
Indian Broad Beans Stir Fry LBS#37

With Greens

Palak Jhunka ~ Spinach in Gram Flour
Siru Keerai Poriyal ~ Amaranth Leaves Stir Fry - LBS#26

With Bittergourd / Kakara Kaya

Kakara Kaya Vepudu / Bitter Gourd Stir Fry- LBS#14
Stuffed Bitter Gourds
Steamed Baby Bitter Gourds LBS 53
Stuffed Bitter Gourd | Gutti Kakarakaya

Other Vegetables

Capsicum Fry - LBS#32
Cluster Beans wth Tur Dal Medium saute
Curried Carrot Stir Fry - LBS#38
Dondakaya Talimpu / Tindora/Tondli Fry / Gherkins Stir Fry-LBS27
Karamani Poriyal ~ Cowpea or Black eyed Pea Fry-LBS#29
Kasara Kaya Vepudu
Mixed Vegetable Subji-LBS#21
Mixed Vegetables with Moong Dal
Mullangi / Radish Poriyal -LBS#24
Pottalakaya or Pudalankaai Poriyal - Snake Gourd with Moong Dal LBS#36
Ridge Gourd Stir Fry ~ Beerakaaya Vepudu
Dry Spiced Cauliflower ~ Sukhi Gobi with Roasted groundnut powder
Jackfruit Seed Poriyal - LBS# 50
Sorakaya Vepudu ~ Bottle Gourd Stir Fry
Hara Gobi | Dry Cauliflower in Mint Sauce
Snakegourd Stir Fry with Moong dal |Paasi paruppu Podalanga Poriyal with Step by Step Pictures

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Anonymous said...

Hi, by accident i got to your blog. just browsing around. i really liked it. i was always thinking saying to others, someone should publish books on only one vegetable. In India we have so many regions and every one makes so differently. I am happy to see u follow that method. Now i can visit only u r web site for receipts.
I just have one request. You should post recipes for new mothers diet.(4 indian's only).


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