Lunch Box Series : LBS#53 ~ Steamed Baby Bitter Gourds!

I know I say this often but it is true. I don't know where the time flies, taking along with it the days! It felt just yesterday that I welcomed the new year and I have another one fast approaching the corner. And its been ages since I recorded our daily activities.


The thing is we have been busy standing in long queues. Yes it was time for the boys admission to LKGs and the entire last week was spent standing in long lines since early morning to get the form. And this week spent standing to submit them. And yes, next week will be spent attending the interviews scheduled in 3 different schools. Hearing on the amount we might have to shell out as building funds had our heads spinning, but we have managed to keep it safe, in hope it won't happen to us. Good hopes!

On the account of getting the boys prepared for the questions, I ask each of them regular questions. I ask Peddu, Kanna, What's your name? Pat comes the reply "kara, srikara", like in Bond style. Never knew my boy takes after his mom. But I gently reminded him that his name is not Kara but he insisted so I left at that. Then I turned to Chinnu, showing a cloth that was green in colour, asked him what colour it was. With a twinkle in his eyes, he replied it was Red! I frowned at him and he looked elsewhere. This was the third time, I was trying, so with gentleness I could hardly muster, I pleaded again. Pat came the reply "Green." Will the teacher have the same soft tone? I doubt!

I appreciate the play school teachers making the boys learn the alphabets as in a song, but I hardly can decipher which letter they say, I hope the school teachers know this.

When I look at the drafts I see many Lunch box combination lying around. I feel so bad for not posting on time. But then things have been really hectic and I haven't really prepared anything new in a while.

But this simple steamed baby bitter gourd was the most toughest dish I ever made. Yes, hubby dear was always raving about this that his colleague used to get for lunch. Back home he used to explain this but I never would get to imagine how to make this. Finally I decided I would just get it and make.

Finally I was able to get him nod with approval and I just couldn't believe it was so simple.

Today's Lunch Box had

Chow chow dal
Steamed Baby Bitter gourds
Curd Rice


Actually there is no recipe, but after the hassles I went through to get the dish out I thought I would take the pleasure in sharing my joy!

Steamed Baby Bitter Gourds

Ingredients Needed

Baby Bitter Gourds - 250 gms
Salt to taste
Turmeric a pinch
Water - just enough to cover it

Method to prepare:

Wash and trim the baby bitter gourds on both ends.

In a non stick pan, add water bring to boil. Then add the bitter gourd, salt and turmeric. Cover with a lid and cook till it is done.

Check in between to ensure it does not get burnt. Simmer after 10 mins and cook on low flame till all water evaporates.

When the gourds are cooked but you still see some water left in the pan, simply cook on high flame while you keep stirring it. The gourds have to be just soft and succulent.

Serve it just as it.


This tastes great with dal.

That's all for today, have a great weekend.

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