Monday, February 15, 2010

Sorakaya Vepudu ~ Bottle Gourd Stir Fry

Life seem to be running fast! Heard it already, well you get to hear it again. I don't know about you, but for us, each day runs as fast as it can. There was a time, when Hubby dear used to say just breeze through the 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening, your day is done. But how can one manage the entire day?

We also used to think that God gave lots of energy to 2 year olds, nay he has given even more to 3 year olds. The way my boys plan the day, makes us wonder why we can't think like them. The moment they fight we take sides to console them, the very next moment they are for each other against us. They fight, play, cajole, cuddle and again fight. And in between they eat, drink, potty and also make us sweat a lot!

We were prepared, that is how well one can get prepared. But they beat you to your own game. They devise new games. We actually plan how to get the Sunday going. After the traditional Poori Channa for breakfast, things seem to get settle down, when it again started to get out of control. Finally hubby dear decided a round around the city was in store. He left me happily cooking, as I planned on experimenting on a Muslim mutton biryani for the book.

Back from their trip, hubby dear decided he wanted to experiment with the camera. Result was I was the new found subject and I had to smile through the sweat and brow! Anyway the biryani was a hit, I will have to make it again for the shoot. How exciting, me thinks. Finally I was dreading the Kachori plan that was planned for the afternoon.

But be as it was, the boys refused to take their nap. I was thinking it was now or never. For a moment, I even contemplated sending a mail out saying I am not going to make it. But imagine a life without having tasted one owns hard labour of love. It was that yum! Everybody at home simply loved it. You can read more about how to make a memorable impact, check out Moong Dal Kachori, yes I strongly recommend.

Coming to the recipe for today, this is something that I made last week, and it went well with the rice.

Sorakaya Vepudu ~ Bottle Gourd Stir Fry

Sorakaya / Bottle Gourd - 1 cup
Onions - 1 medium
Curry leaves - 4 -5 
Green chilies - 2 -3 nos
Red Chili powder - 1 tsp
Coriander Powder - 1 tsp
Turmeric powder
Ground nut powder - 1 -2 tsp
Salt to taste
Oil - 2 tsp

Method to prepare:

Peel the outer skin of the bottle gourd and cut into 2 inch pieces. 

Heat a pan with oil and add mustard seeds, urad dal, curry leaves. Then add the bottle gourd pieces along with salt. Simmer with a lid and cook for 10 mins.

Check to see if the vegetable has turned soft. Add the chili powder, coriander powder. Stir well. Cook again for 5 - 7 mins. 

When the bottle gourd is cooked well, finally add the ground nut. combine everything and remove.

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Priya said...

I do this often,one of my fav stir fry, also i used to add some crushed peanuts along with peanut powder..looks yummy..

Rekha said...

sounds healthy and delicious, I used to make it w/p g.nut pwd, will try adding it next time i make it.


nice recipe,will try making soon!

Tina said...

Stir fry looks yummy....

Meena said...


I dont know where you find the energy to take on everything that you do, my dear!!! Bless your heart!! Especially with two little ones running around dreaming up all kinds of new activities...I have one 2 year old(my older daughter is 9 yrs old, thankfully) and he makes our life so that I dont know if I am coming or going most days!!!

Keep it up!!

Soma Pradhan said...

Nice Complete Meal

jayasree said...

I too made kachoris on Sunday. Thats the reason I started my diet program on Monday.

Preeti Kashyap said...

Nice recipe, never had it though. Should try it soon srivalli! You have a wonderful space here.

Shama Nagarajan said...

delicious fry...looks yummy

homecooked said...

Lovely Sri! I love bottle gourd. It looks yummy! All the best for your book too :)

Anupama said...

I totally agree with you on life seeming to go by fast even though I'm single and don't have kids :-). The stir fry is just perfect

Jayashree said...

Looks the addition of peanut powder.

Rohini said...

True that life is going at the speed of wink of the eye... But I am simply amazed how you manage to do so many things matter-of-factly...
I always make dal with this sorakaya, but I'll for sure try this one soon!

notyet100 said...

another way to try ,..this loooks delicious,...;-)

Srivalli said...

Thank you everybody for dropping in.

Meena, nice to know abt your kids too..:)..

shubhada said...

I only try the conventional method of making bottle gourd sabji..this seems nice..will try out and let u know.

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