Stuffed Bitter Gourds ~ Deep Fried Love!

When it comes to Bitter Gourd, I have a bitter sweet relationship. Bitter because I don't like it, sweet because hubby dear loves it! Oh the love that hubby dear seems to have for this bitter vegetable, takes more than these pages for me to fill. Its expressed more, when it happens to be cooked by Athamma. He takes one bite, and his whole expression changes, soft and innocent as a child, with wonder he will ask, Amma made this? Well my dear, you score 100% for hitting on the nail, I would think. Most times, I don't even attempt to make a dish with bitter gourd, if there are plans, I will ask Athamma to do the honours, afterall its not everyday I can get to see that look at his face. I guess there is something so wonderful enjoying something prepared by your mom! I wouldn't want to deprive him that enjoyment.

It is so much so that, even Konda fights with him, saying "my Mom cooks better than yours"! With every dish thats made, they taste and fight over it, saying its prepared by me or his mom. That will immediately have my daughter railing off the dishes that I prepare and then say I can bake or do this or that better than his Mom. He will promptly reply, asking her if I know to make the dal as good as his Mom. Recently I showed Athamma how to go about making Paneer Butter Masala, so on days when I am not able to get back home on time, I will ask her to make it. So on those days, its even more fun. Hubby dear will say his mom prepared it, so Konda will reluctantly say, it wasn't as good as mine.

Anyway coming to this recipe, Athamma was telling me of this variety she used to make. So when it was decided that I wasn't going to pack my lunch, she said hubby dear can take this along with dal. Hubby dear said, we could've tried making it without deep frying, but then you can really eat a whole bitter gourd, if it wasn't deep fried.

Ingredients Needed:

Bitter gourds/ Kakarakaya - 2 small

Thin Besan/ Gram flour batter

For stuffing:

Garlic - 4
Coconut - 2 tsp
chili powder - 1 - 2 tsp
salt to taste

Oil for deep frying

Method to prepare:

Normally you can scrap the outer skin of the bitter gourd and deep fry, That way it will consume lot of oil. So scrap off the outer skin. Remove the seeds. Slit in the middle without breaking the vegetable. Then par boil it or steam it.

For the stuffing, pound the garlic, coconut, chili powder and salt to a find powder. Stuff this mixture into the bitter gourd.

Make a thin batter of besan, have the kadai on with oil. Dip these stuffed karela into this thin batter and gently drop into hot oil. Make sure it gets cooked on all sides.

This tastes great with dal and rice.

By the way, this week as I have said, will soups, starters and some dry curries!

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