Saturday, October 16, 2010

Baked Arbi | Baked Colocasia Fry | Microwave Convection Recipe

I love Arbi fries and finding another way to make this delicious Arbi Fry was just perfect. This has been in drafts for so long that I really wonder why I haven't spoken about it.  Making this in  microwave works out so simple and quick. 

After deciding on 365 days of Microwave cooking, I was thinking I should find as many possible recipes that can fit into this mode. Since I have a Microwave Convection oven, it gives the advantage of baking it both in microwave and convention mode. Micro mode gets this cooked quick, while putting it on the convection mode ensures it stays crisp and not tough or hard.

I came back home after a week's trip to San Fransisco, visited my sister and attended BlogHer's Conference too. It was a fun filled week and five days passed quickly. My sister and BIL ensured I had great time, still I missed home and was only happy getting back fast. I had that feeling the moment the plane was landing on Kathipara Junction and cursed myself for keeping away just that moment. This was my first trip ever on own, so I was excited as a kid. Will write more about the trip in my next post.

Meanwhile enjoy this recipe which was shared my the MW Chef I was talking about. I adapted her recipe to suit our palate.

Baked Arbi in Microwave

Boil Arbi in water for 8 minutes

Peel the arbi and chop into 1 inch pieces. Mix the arbi in the masala and keep aside for 5 mins. Then spread on the tray and bake 10 minutes.

Toss it around in between and continue baking in micro mode.

Serve it with Rice and Sambar.

Baked Arbi in Microwave |
In both Micro and Convectional cooking mode
Total cooking Time : 20 mins

Ingredients Needed:

Arbi / Colocasia / Seppankizhangu- 250 gms
Red Chili powder - 1 & 1/2 tsp
Ginger Garlic paste - 1/2 tsp
Salt to taste
Cornflour - 1/2 - 1 tsp
Oil - 1 tsp

Method to prepare:

Wash and boil Arbi in water for 8 minutes in micro mode.

Peel the skin and cut into 1" pieces

Then take the Arbi in a bowl along with the other ingredients and mix well. Keep it aside for 5 mins.

Spread the arbi on a microwave safe tray and micro for 10 minutes. Keep tossing around in interval.

If you want a crispier arbi, pre-heat your convectional oven for 15 mins at 50 degree C.

Then spread the baked arbi again for 5 minutes in Convectional mode.

Notes: Baking this in both Micro and Convectional mode ensures the arbi comes out crisper.
Only about 1 - 2 tsp of oil is required for baking this, so it makes it so healthy.

This goes for my 365 Days of Microwave Cooking. I wanted to include even dishes done in combo mode as we get such Microwave Convectional Ovens in India.

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Smitha said...

yummy...I love chamadumpa too!...I too have a few in the pantry.....mmmmmm...easy and fun recipe!

Santosh Bangar said...

arbi is looking like chat .it is wonderful dish

Paaka Shaale said...

The arbi looks very tempting and mouth watering. Great one!!!

harini-jaya said...

good idea

kanthi said...

Microwave Chama dumpa fry looks quite tastier than an ordinary fry..

Happy Cook said...

I am so looking forward to read the expirence Valli.

dr.antony said...

Even i can do that!

PJ said...

Looks tempting Srivalli.Convection mode is sure handy for dishes like this :)

There is an award for u in my blog.Kindly collect it..:)

indianspicemagic said...

Arbi is nicely coated with the masalas.Ver tempting...

Kamini said...

Hi Valli, I am popping here after a long break. Lovely to see you as active as ever! Did you come to New York -0 if you did I will not forgive you for not getting in touch!
The arbi recipe looks great, with barely any oil. Will definitely give it a try.

Srivalli said...

Thank you friends for the lovely comments.

Kamini, I am so sorry. I was supposed to be at NY only for 2 hrs, hence didn't plan to call anybody..

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