365 days of Microwave Cooking!

Do I see many heads shaking in disbelief at the sheer audacity in announcing something like this? Well you can rest your poor head for a while and read what draft I got to say.

Before that let me tell you all a story. We had a regular oven, which served us true for many years and dished out some lip smacking pizzas, grilled chickens, melt in your mouth biscuits and what not. Then one fine day it died, without any signs or clues, it simply refused to start again.

Given that we were so used to its assistance in the kitchen, Amma said we should buy another one. This time smart pants that I am, suggested we buy an oven. Almost a decade ago, Microwave ovens costed a lot. Still promising Dad that we would surely make the fullest use, bought one and kept it home. Kept is the right word, because we hardly used.

The one time I tried making Chicken Korma, the insulator burst. The second time I tried making a Veg Gravy, the glass plate cracked. The pizza base which normally used to come so soft and crusty came out hard. Then we silently agreed that we were not going to tax it much. And so it was part of my kitchen and it so dutifully remained so.

Until one fine day, read after I started blogging, I announced a wish to start an event. I actually wanted it to be on Lunch Box, some suggested one such event already existed. So why not on Microwave Cooking. Thus came into existence Microwave Easy Cooking Event. This event is soon going to celebrate its 3rd year too.

Coming to the point of this post. Because I was the initiator of this event, I can't be seen without having an entry myself right. So after many years, the oven found day light. I started cooking in it. But more than regular cooking, we used it so much for reheating purpose.

When my oven gave up on us, Athamma was so dejected at not having this handy. Though we used the microwave oven to the fullest, hubby dear didn't believe I did justification to that. And after so much persuasion, meaning to say I will make Chicken Tikka for him, he finally bought us a new microwave oven.

Whether my old oven had all these features or not, I am not sure. But I have been using the new one quite efficiently. The possibilities are mind blowing and fantastic. Right from par boiling, to making a complete dish, I am simply enjoying my cooking. Of course one has to get used to the cooking mode.

So coming back to 365 days of Microwave Cooking is simply that. It will be a page to showcase 365 recipes and more.

Update: By the title I meant that I will be cooking and collecting recipes from other bloggers to meet the 365 days. I will not be cooking everyday in Microwave...:)

If you are interested to be part of this project, you are most welcome. 

A small clarification, this has nothing to do with MEC, which will continue to be hosted by my dear blogging friends. And it naturally will be on a theme. Each month it will be hosted by other bloggers who are interested. And whose interested to send according to theme can send to the hostess. This project can also have those entries and other non theme based dishes that you many make during a month.

Looking forward to 365 days of Microwave Cooking!

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