Lunch Box Series : LBS#24

During pregnancy it always seem like you are stuffing yourself with lot of vegetables and fruits. It seems like a never ending fleet! Though I took off from my work almost 2 months before due, I was cooking till the last few weeks. And utterly enjoying the same. I did the most complicated dishes and which naturally consumed more than excepted hours slogging over the stove. I wish I had this blog or the idea to take pictures of those dishes. I was convincing myself to prepare all those dishes once again, though albeit being delicious, seems quite impossible. Amma used to scold me for exerting myself and hubby dear declared he would prefer eat out, if I am going to indulge myself in such practice.

Ah, there is a restaurant near by, which serves a dish called "Aloo Punjabi". I have been enjoying this dish over nearly 9 years now. My previous office was close to this place and every now and then, we used to have lunch at that place and I always used to order this dish. You won't believe, but it's a paneer dish. Big square cubes of paneer covered with potato layer and deep fried and served as a gravy. Yummy, thinking of that makes me want to have it again. Well I knew by looking at it how it was prepared but the gravy tasted different not like the paneer butter masala you would get. Of course they had another dish with this name. So during my stay at home, my wish was to prepare this dish. And I did, though I was extremely tried after my cooking. But it's been over a year but the thought seems quite daunting. Hubby says, if all you wish to eat this, you can just order instead of going through so much work. But nothing like us preparing it ourselves right.

Today's lunch box is not about it in anyway, but about Radish poriyal which Amma made for me during my pregnancy. I used to prepare some Veg curry for lunch and to top it, Amma used to make at least two for me. So in the end I used to end up eating at least three different vegetables during lunch just as fry. I used to feel so stuffed with just vegetables, that it felt so hard. But this poriyal stands out in memory. So when I was in confusion to finalize what to make as fry, hubby reminded me of that poriyal we had some months back.

Today's Lunch Box had

Chow Chow Kootu
Mullangi/ Radish Poriyal
Pepper Cumin Rasam
Moong sprouts
Curd Rice

Mullangi/ Radish Poriyal

Radish/ Mullangi - 250 gms
Yellow Moong dal - 1 handful
Salt to taste
Oil - 1 tsp

Mustard seeds + urud Dal - 1/2 tsp
Curry leaves
Red chilli - 2 nos
Grated coconut - 1 tbsp

Method to prepare:

Clean the Radish and chop very finely. Pressure cook with Moong dal for 1 whistle or till its cooked.

Heat a pan with oil, splutter the mustard, curry, and red chilli. Then add the cooked radish with dal. Saute well and add salt.

Cover and simmer for 5 mins. Finally garnish with grated coconut.

You can use just coconut with the dal or otherwise too. But I personally know all these make this radish poriyal one yummy dish.

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