Bhatura ~ Roti Mela!

I don't remember when I was first introduced to Bhature, for it seems like forever I have been familiar with this delicate darling! I still remember the time we used to have Chhole Bhature, when we go to Woodlands drive-in hotel. It used to be fun not to drop anything down on the car seat but still manage to eat the big poori which is of the entire quarter plate size, with a cup of Chole Masala on the top. One side of the Bhatura will still be puffed while one side would be pressed down with the cup of chole weight. Hah the Bhatura must be wondering why on earth that cup of chole was put on its top. Its beauty was marred by the chole. Little did it know they go hand in hand. It was so saddening that Woodlands drive-in is now closed!

I still remember the many lazy Sunday mornings we got up, to prepare the Bhatura dough and then carry on the Sunday rituals. Dad has a penchant for getting up on time be it a Sunday or a Monday, so I used to get up by 6.30 and relax with Sunday newspapers and of course Rangoli. This is one program I have been watching in our National TV Channel since high school. That used to be my most favorite one for many years, even after marriage. If I was lucky I get to watch songs like these...

Rimjhim Gire Sawan
Sulag Sulag Jaaye Mann
Bheege Aaj Is Mausam Mein
Lagi Kaisi Yeh Agan
Rimjhim Gire Sawan

Jab Ghunghroon Si Bajti Hain Boondein
Armaan Hamare Palken Na Moondein
Jab Ghunghroon Si Bajti Hain Boondein
Armaan Hamare Palken Na Moondein
Kaise Dekhen Sapne Nayan
Sulag Sulag Jaaye Mann
Bheege Aaj Is Mausam Mein
Lagi Kaisi Yeh Agan
Rimjhim Gire Sawan

This is one song that always top my list. Actually there are many like this, but this one evokes something so very deep. Something happens when I listen to this song. Pathos or what, heart strings get pulled in all directions. That innocence that gets translated through these words, transports you to a different realm!

So imagine listening to this and making out Bhaturas! Heavenly!

And just like that song, making Bhatura is an art. It has to rise up to the occasion and keep up its name right. So we got to help it by adding in the right stuff. And when we had Chole Masala with Bhatura this Sunday, I remembered the many occasions we had prepared it earlier. While I was taking pictures, it struck me that normally Amma makes it quite big, but I preferred smaller ones this time. The chhole curry that we made this time was also very simple but tasted great.

Serves - 15 medium sized bhaturas.
Preparation Time - 2 hrs (for raising)
Cooking Time - 10 to 15 mins but also depends on how fast you can roll out and fry each one...:)

Ingredients needed:

Maida - 4 cups (450 gms)
Curds (Yogurt) - 150 gms
Salt to taste
Cooking Soda - 1/8 th tsp
Water 1 cup

Method to prepare

In a big mixing bowl add Maida, Curd, Soda and Salt to taste. Mix well. Then add water little by little to form a dough. It should be little stiff as it will become soft after setting aside for 2 hrs.

Take a muslin cloth, wet it in water and cover the dough. Keep it aside for two hours.

When ready to eat, make the dough into required sized balls, roll them out into circle shape.

Heat Oil in a kadai and deep fry the bhaturas to golden colour.

Serve hot with Channa Masala garnished with Onion rings and lime.

Serve Bhatura with Chhole!

Aloo Chhole Masala
Channa Masala
Punjabi Chhole Masala

Bharturas are for my Roti Mela!

Well this is also part of the Recipe Marathon, the latest idea of the famous friends, Siri and Dhivya! I have to ask them how they come up with such ideas!


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