Andhra Pesarattu | Whole Moong Dal Dosa

When you think of famous dishes from Andhra, Pesarattu surely comes to mind. At hotels, it is usually served with Upma, Allam Pachadi (Ginger Chutney) and Coconut Chutney. Everybody at home loves Pesarattu and whenever she makes it, she also makes Upma as Daddy loves that combo. 

When I started making it at my own kitchen, I normally never bother about making Upma, but you should try it if you want to try the authentic Andhra combo.

To make the Pesarattu, we need the following,

For the batter

Whole Moong Dal – 2 cups
Raw Rice – ½ cup
Green chillies – 3
Ginger Optional
Red Chillies – 2
Salt as required.

For Topping

Jeera as required
Sauteed Onions
Green Chillies

Method to prepare:

Soak the Moong Dal and Rice for 3 – 4 hrs separately.

Grind it with Red chillies and Green Chillies into a smooth paste.

Heat a pan, add a spoon of Oil. Once the pan is hot, pour a spoonful of batter.

It has to be spread very thinly as dosas. Sprinkle sautéed Onions and Jeera on top.

Add little ghee for better taste.

To make the upma, follow this link!

Serve Crispy hot Pesarattu with Upma and Coconut Chutney

Try this out and let me know your views.

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