Wheat Flour Dosa ~ Goduma Dosa ~ Chapdosa

This was my favorite during my childhood. But its been a real long time since I had this. As a kid, I remember I used to ask Amma to prepare this whenever she asks me what I want for my dinner. I used to enjoy the crispy Goduma dosa with sugar dipped in water. After a stage it used to be Sambar with Goduma Dosa. With either of these, it used to taste heaven. When the other day, we had just us for dinner, couldn't decide on what to prepare for ourselves. This flashed across mind and many nights of love tendered dosas came to mind. I was missing Amma's cooking more! Just to revisit those memories, suggested this to my daughter. I realised my daughter was missing something precious in her childhood. She didn't understand what I was talking about. So it was more a reason for me to venture into the realms of Chapdosa. This name was coined by my bachelor colleagues who visited USA on official tour and stayed in the guest house with nothing to eat other than Goduma Dosa, they fondly referred this as Chappathi Maavu dosa - Chapdosa!

When in need of a quick dosa, then go for this!

Wheat is called Goduma, Gothambu (Godhambu), Godhi in different parts of India.

Ingredients Needed

Wheat Four - 1 cup
Salt to taste
Water - as required to get a think batter.

Method to prepare

In bowl take the wheat flour and mix with salt. Add water and mix to a think consistency without any lumps.

Heat a tawa and take a ladleful of batter and spread as a regular dosa.

You can get thin crispy ones if the batter is thin.

Funny part of this incident was, my daughter was excited when I said this can be eaten with sugar, but guess I went one step ahead and spoiled the fun for her as I added water to it. In the end, she didn'like the combi but preferred the Groundnut chutney you see on the plate. Thats her plate in the photo. This only proved that each child will and should have their own memories of what they like and should be not forced to eat just because we liked it as a kid! So I make sure she gets to eat more of stuff she likes than what I think she will like.


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