Kothu Parotta | Chili Kothu Parotta ~ The Ultimate Joy Food!

Kothu Parotta / Chili Parotta has been on my mind for ages. Must be really years. Seriously, have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to taste something and when you do, you simply fall in love with it! You get so depressed for the many years spent without tasting it. This happened to me. Kothu Parota is the ultimate Street food you can get in this parts of the world! If you are familiar with the gastronomical indulgence of the people hailing from Tamil Nadu, then this is their ultimate choice for fast food or street food, as you may call it! I have always had a great passion for Parotta. When you walk on our streets, more in particular, the market places, you can for sure see many such Parotta wala on the push carts. The aroma that sniffs pasts, pulls your heart strings to core.

I have always longed to eat in such places. But the puritanical attitude, which rears its ugly head at times, never allows it. I am not a puritan par se. But a woman is allowed to have her contradictory attitudes right! Plus the strict rule that Dad always has on never to eat anything from the street or road side shops because of the hygienic conditions. I have never eaten from any such shops. Can you believe, we went to Bombay, Calcutta, but never ate anything off the street! All those yummy chats and masalas. They did tug me to no end. But then Dad's rule or not, even when I traveled without him, I can't get myself eat in those places. Though one part of me, always longed I wasn't so prudish!

Now all said and done, it isn't I never enjoyed Kothu parotta. My colleagues used to order this from Saravana Bhavan. Saravana Bhavan is really conjus, they give a very small box with an overly charged price! Still one colleague ordered Kottu parotta for lunch, almost every day. And most times when we sat for lunch together we used to share our lunches. Though not sure how authentic, it sure was yummy! But then where is authentic coming in a fast food. Though Amma and I used to experiment and generally cook lot of new dishes, this was something we never attempted.

During my blog hopping, almost a year back, I came across a recipe and I had noted the method. When Sia announced street food for MBP, I knew I can finally try Kothu parotta. I had bookmarked many recipes showing how to make one, but since the concept of MBP demands we follow another blogger's recipe, I tried following Spicyana's recipe. I had loved her bowl! But as catastrophe happen when you least expect it, yeah else its not called catastrophe right, I found myself not finding time to make this. I thought I will again have to postpone making this.

Was if not for Sia warning to shoot me, I won't have made this! I didn't even read her message fully, I sent a mail saying no no no, I don't want to be shot but would prefer cooking this lovely Kothu parotta for her! And then she has the WBB this month, right!. Thanks a lot, my friend, we have a lovely dinner last night. And the greatest pleasure was, Peddu liked it so much that he came back for a second helping and wouldn't share it with Chinnu. Chinnu came running to me and said ' Tha Na tha na." Not sure what the means, but that's what Chinnu keeps saying these days. Well, Athamma gave orders that this is going to be cooked often, but with wheat flour!

Now coming to the Kothu Parotta, this is a lovely way to eat Parotta. Check this post for making Parotta!

Kothu Parotta ~ Easy Beesy Way to Spicy parotta
Adapted from here

Shredded Parotta - 6 nos (I used only All purpose flour for making the parotta)
Onions - 2 medium
Ginger Garlic paste
Green chillies - 1-2, Slit and chopped to half
Capsicum - quarter of a medium size one
Spring Onions - half of a bunch
Tomato sauce - 1/2 cup
Salt to taste
Oil - 2 tsp
Coriander to garnish

Though the original recipes uses Crepes, I made parotta and didn't use whole garlic and ginger. Instead used a ginger garlic paste as it was stocked. Omitted Soy Sauce and Celery. Added more Green chillies to suit our taste!

Method to prepare:

Make the Parottas before you start with this. Actually this came into picture to use the day old parottas. But I think the fresh one will be best for kids.

Cut Onions into squares or big chucks. I don't like to chew on big capsicum pieces, so chopped them fine.

Trim the Spring onions and use the onions for sauteing. Tear the parottas randomly. I don't think same size will have that effect!

Heat a pan with oil. Add the onions, fry well. Once they turn pinkish, add the ginger garlic paste. Fry well. Then add the capsicum and cover for 2 mins in sim.Once they are soft, add the white onions from the spring onions. Stir well.

Now add the green chillies, salt and the green part of the spring onions. Once they sizzle well, add half of the tomato sauce.

Then goes the parotta pieces. cook on high flame for 2 mins. Then add the remaining tomato sauce so that its gets coated well.

Add rest of the garnish and cover for 2 more mins. Check the parotta softness and add more tomato sauce if required.

Serve hot!

Kothu Parotta is on its way to join the party at Sia's place.

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