Sadda Roti, Bajra Savory Pancake ~ Roti Mela!

I was away for a day and I feel I have so much to catch up! I had energy just enough to write on the post and hit the publish button and then I was off. I took a day off from work and just spent the entire day in bed. Luckily by night I was back to normal. But looks like I can never miss my Monday blues and I had them on Tuesday!

Though I always loved going to school, butterflies literally ran around by Sunday evening. I never missed a day in school, even on a rainy day when the school was closed, I used to go and confirm that its closed before returning home. Still I used to be all apprehensive thinking what I was going to face and it never was easy growing up on that. College was worse as it was something I never liked. I guess its very important to make your child enjoy their school or college, as those are something that can never be recreated in ones life! But since its something that I can't change, I got to live with it.

But then I found it stranger that these Monday blues haunt me even after I started working. Well I simply now live with that! Can't do much about it right. Just like these, there are certain food that keeps you going just by the thoughts. One such item is Sadda roti or Bajra savory pancake or flatbread or whatever you may call it. It is a dish from my childhood. As I have said, my granny used to get this flour from our native and Amma used to make different dishes with this flour quite regularly. My most favorite one was the savory rotti that she. Even now thinking about it, I am craving for another bite. You just got to taste it once, to get hooked to it.

Very authentic Andhra and rustic at that!

I loved it every time Amma made this for me and I was always left reaching more for it even after it got over! I was not able to get the latest picture of it and was able to find this old one in my draft. Will upload with a clearer picture when I prepare it again.

Ingredients Needed:

Sadda Pindi - 1 cup
Onions - 1 medium
Green Chilies - 2 long
Salt to taste
Water to make the dough
Oil for cooking

Method to prepare:

Take the flour in a bowl and add the onions, chilles and salt. Mix well and slowly add water, enough to gather it to a stiff dough. The consistency should be just enough to allow you to pat down as a regular circle without breaking.

Take a wet cloth and divide the dough into equal balls. Take each one and gently press it down using your fingers. If you feel the dough is stickling to your fingers, dab your fingers with water and again pat it out evenly.

Heat a tawa and smear oil over it. Once its hot, simmer the flame and gently remove the patted roti and transfer to the tawa. Since you are using portable cloth, you have the luxury of taking the cloth near the pan and transfer it immediately!

Let it cook on one side and gently flip to the other side. Apply oil and cook well. When you see brown spots, and generally looks cooked, you can remove.

This tastes great as hot or even cold. Amma makes Ground nut chutney to go with this, but I love it as such!

Now this post has again made me go crazy for it! This I am so happy to have as part of my Roti Mela!


Arundathi is running ahead of me with Cake!

With get back with what others bring along once they catch up with us!

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