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For all my love for Naan and Paneer Butter Masala, I don't make the Naan that often at home. The times I make, yes we really enjoy the wholesome feel it gives us. When we order North Indian Food, it is never anything else than Butter Naan for me, and hubby dear says I have influenced my kids to such levels that they don't anything else too. I reply saying Kids love the best things.

We don't eat out that often these days. But during the days we did, I could easily recommend whose Naan was best and where to get lip smacking Paneer Butter Masala. When it comes to Naans, hubby dear is even particular that we tuck it in the moment it lands on the table. Those pillows soft pristine specked with brown spots which gleam sparklingly the shiny butter, hot to touch, but soft as a feather disappearing the moment you put it in. Leaves you wondering where the entire piece disappeared.

I know I sound mean, but especially at such moments someone or the other will disturb me and I will be most reluctant to take my eyes off from the task at hand. Still there are few places that you can never forget, for me it used to be a small eatery joint near my old office. Used to go there for lunch and always used to order one dish Aloo Punjabi with Butter Naans. Later after marriage, I used to convince hubby dear to take me there for dinner. That's when I remember those soft delicious Naans.

Coming to the recipe at hand, since I don't have a Tandoori Oven, I always make it on stove top and I always get the restaurant effect. Since then I have always wanted to make a baked version and also Tawa version. I have already blogged one recipe made on the stove without the Tandoori Oven; I have used the same method using Pressure Cooker bottom or Tawa bottom. Depends on how you want to make you can.

This recipe is different meaning I have used a different proportion. Both recipes work out well.

Today's post will be featuring Baked Naan, since I took pictures of all the steps. Other two methods follow the same recipe.

Though I have baked a pizza base, which is also quite similar to the Naan recipe, pizza base gets a nice brown because of the cheese and other stuffs, while Naan is plain. Unlike the Tandoori Oven those brown spots are not formed, which is why I always make it on the stove top.

But since having an oven, wanted to give it a shot. This was a recipe shared by the MW Chef, I had made the Low Calorie Paneer Butter Masala with these Baked Naan.

 Take the flour in a bowl.
 Proof the Yeast in warm water.
Add the yeast mix to the flour
Followed by curds/Yogurt and butter.
Crumble together.
Continue kneading to form an elastic texture, dust your palm and continue kneading.
Until you get a soft pliable dough
Make into small balls and keep it aside.

If you keep it covered it works out better.
Over out into oval shaped Naans
All ready to be baked!
Baked for the first 3 minutes
Remove and turn over
After the next 3 minutes
Gone again for another 4 minutes
Finally all baked completely.

Baked Naan | Indian Microwave Convectional Recipe
Preparation Time : 15 mins
Resting Time : 1 -2 hrs
Baking Time : 10 mins in Convection Mode

Ingredients Needed:

All purpose flour / Maida - 2 cups
Dry Yeast - 1/2 tsp
Sugar - 1 tsp
Curds - 1 tbsp
Butter - 1 tbsp
Salt to taste
Water as required.

Method to prepare:

Proofing the Yeast:
Take the yeast in a cup; add the sugar and warm water. Cover with lid. After 10 minutes you will see all frothy texture on the top, don’t disturb. Keep it aside. This shows that yeast is still active.

In a wide bowl, take the flour, add the yeast mix. Then add the salt. butter and curds. Crumble well.  Slowly knead to soft pliable dough. Punch it well for couple of minutes.

Cover with a wet muslin cloth and keep it in a warm place for 1 -2 hrs. Once done, remove the cover, punch it down again.

Divide into small balls, dust it in flour. Roll them into oval shapes. Make the whole batch while the oven gets heated up. Pre heat the oven at 155 degree. 

Place the rolled out Naan on the tray, bake for 3 minutes. Remove, turn and continue baking for another 3 minutes. 

First time you will have to bake it for 6 mins, then for 4 more minutes. So total cooking time will be about 10 together. Though the bread will be baked, it won't be having those typical signs of a Tandoori Naan. 

Remove and quickly apply butter over the top.

Other Naan Recipes
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Serve this with Paneer Butter Masala or even Low Cal Paneer Butter Masala

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