Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Korra Biyam Dosa or Fox Millet Dosa ~ 101 Dosa Varieties!

I know my mind is still thinking of Rotis, but here comes a dosa for a change. Of course, the availability of this grain is quite limited. Still its an excellent replacement for regular rice. As I have already posted couple of dishes made from this Korra Biyam or the Fox Millet as it might be called, I thought this dosa made from it would be the most apt one to make on a regular basis.

Since Korra Biyam is known for its goodness, its mostly consumed by people who have diabetics. And it has great taste. We had been planning for this quite sometime, and then finally when we made it, I was really in a hurry to leave and completely forgot to click the pictures. After preparing it and getting busy packing everything, I forgot about clicking for once and Athamma promptly reminded me that I am yet to do. So those are some hurried pictures!

The other Sunday, hubby dear took the twins to park. Of course, not together. Peddu, I believe hesitated for a minute, before he ran to climb the building block. They spent some half hour playing and returned back. Then Chinnu went and hubby dear was shocked to find that he didn't even wait for a second to think. The moment Chinnu saw the block, he climbed up and next moment he was on top! Now Chinnu .climbs over the TV in the living room and roars like a Tarzan! Amma was more scared than anybody else. All we could do is only laugh at their antics when she was telling us about that.

Yeah coming to this dosa, Chinnu also had a bite and looked like he liked it. Though I didn't give him more.

Preparation Time : 10 mins
Soaking Time : 5-6 hrs
Fermentation : Over night or 6-7 hrs
Cuisine : Andhra

Ingredients Needed

Fox Millet / Korra Biyam - 1 cup
Urad Dal - 1/4 cup

Method to prepare:

This is prepared as the regular dosa batter. So wash and soak the Fox Millet for about 6 hrs, along with Urad dal.

Then grind to a smooth batter in a mixer, using enough water. This is ground as the regular dosa batter.

Allow it to get fermented overnight. The batter is all ready for breakfast.

I made Carrot Kurma as the side dish, it tasted great!

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aparna said...

Even I do korra dosa just like you but add a tbsp of methi seeds and a spoon of chana dal. They give nice colour to the dosa and also taste good.

I was searching for authentic andhra food on google and through it I came to your site.

Nice work.

Asha said...

It looks like Jola or Jowar, may be it's different grain I don't recognize. Dosa looks yum. I am only person, a Mysore girl, who likes dosa at home, although kids eat when I make them, I don't give them any other choice. A likes Masale dose , that's it!:)
I am making Dosa from Quinoa today!:)

My last post today Sri, see you again in Sept. LOT of work to do at home. Enjoy and take care!:))

kamala said...

I searched for this grain here since u posted that..Healthy one.

JZ @ Tasty treats said...

the pictures are really tempting sri!! its been a while since i've had any kind of dosa :-(

rekhas kitchen said...

wow valli korra biyam dosa it is new for me amma use to cook this as arice for my dad I am going to tyr this one

ranji said...

this one is very new to me valli..never heard of it either..dosa looks yum...i hope i get hold of fox millet soon and make it :)..

SriLekha said...

never heard about this dosa... really good.. presentation is too good..

Vanamala said...

Never heard this dosa.. nice recipe

Pooja said...

this is totally new to me . than kfor sharing the recipe dear Srivalli.

Ramki said...

I cook this with the Korra flour as an instant dosa, which is ready in minutes.

Priti said...

Looks yummy...and healthy..very nice recipe

Srivalli said...

Aparna, glad that google brought you here...hope you enjoy your trip round my place!..nice to know the veriation, at times we add the methi seeds but never added chana next time will add and try it out!...thank you for dropping in!

Asha, yeah it does but its not...thats really nice to know..masala dosa is always a favorite..but we can try a different one at times! will be back only by sept??..will really miss you a try to drop in btw!

kamala, thats really so sweet..hope you get this ..else next time I will parcel some..

JZ, thanks...really thats really bad!..hope you get around making some soon!

rekha, thats nice to try if you get it

ranji, yeah its not available in most places...but I thought I had to share because of its taste!

SriLekha, thank you..

Vanamala, thank you..glad you liked it

Pooja, hey hope you doing good..long time no are welcome!

Ramki, thats really interesting ..will have to check around where its available in local stores

Priti, thank you!

Vcuisine said...

I believe this is Kambu what we call in tamil. very nutritious one valli. Nice dosa. Viji

Coffee & Vanilla said...

I'm missing your lunchboxes :)


Balu said...

nice one.... my mom has been trying to figure out where do we get Korra rice in HYD... nice post.. let me try this out.. these days even I've been trying to get into millets...

Neetha said...

you get korra biyam in Rtc cross roads near sangam theatre(theatre name is changed now) shops where you get manthani satyanarayana raju food products hyderabad.

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