Stuffed Aloo Parathas ~ The Making of one!

Aloo Paranthas bring back lovely memories of bygone days from teenage to youth to adulthood. Its been a saga! Amma makes a mean Aloo Parantha, as most of the other dishes she does. The early times of remembering Aloo parathas was during teenage. We used to live in a colony, which had lot of trees and a big playground with slide boards and swings for kids. It had a big compound and a road enclosing the park. Most of us used to walk around this during mornings and late evenings. It almost looked like walking and wading through a forest. Those chill late evenings, when after a warm meal, I used to go down for a stroll. I had my colony friends and we used to meet for a stroll during the late evenings. It was one such night and the weather was more chill than expected of a February night. You would normally expect it to be sultry warm evenings, chillness long forgotten by mid Jan. But this day was different and there I was, tummy tucked in with hot Aloo Paranthas, sitting under the lamp on the pavement, looking up at the sky and the stars that sneaked between the leaves. I was filled with long dreamt dreams of donning the coat of white and curing the world of its illness. That day was special, as I had gone for a stroll with Amma and it was also the day before I turned 20. Oh how innocent it still feels, to remember that evening and relive that moment, when Amma said 'well tomorrow you are going to be completing 20', And I was so surprised. I asked, is it true, oh yes I am going to be big'. She smiling said not so big for me. But yes I was leaving behind all the fancies of a teenager and landing into the world of a youth, still with so many dreams and a world to concur!

The scene changes to the day before the 30th and though I don't remember if we made Aloo Parantha that day, I remember we spoke about that day in the park a decade back. Both of us were so amazed that, so much has passed has gone that we didn't realize its a decade gone! Now, being more acceptable to what fate has in store for me, I now look at the world in a different view. I strongly believe in karma, and what's destined for us will happen. it was a big milestone passing by and all my folks rejoiced on it. But hey, I don't think I got any older! I still want to go out and concur the world. What you may ask but I have no idea..Life has had its ups and downs. I remember Aloo Parantha has featured in all times both in ups and down but always as a favorite. This is one timeless, delicious one, for senses.

Next scene marches to a shot in my office, to our during lunch hour where one colleague of mine, also used to bring Aloo Paranthas. Her mother too dishes up excellent dishes. I almost felt she could cook as well as my mother. Of course, all mothers cook well. No doubt about that! Few used to ask her what goes in those. She used to reply as how I always do. This, that and this and loads of Amma's love. Wow that would surely make the paranthas heavenly. And we used to smear butter on top and in next flat 1 min, it would disappear! Ah that was a year back, I stopped making any stuffed paranthas. I love Paneer Paranthas first next to Aloo Paranthas, but it would be a grace if we are allowed to eat sitting for a moment, so we stopped having such dish at night. And during RCI: Pub, I had shot Aloo paranthas and they are still lying in the draft. Somehow, they didn't appeal to me. So never got around posting it.

Well I made these just this morning, I had planned for something else. But when Athamma asked me early morning, what I was going to make, I just said Aloo Paranthas. Kids were all asleep, so I had ample time to get this wonder to life! And also I promised Bee, a special one for her event! Of course, there is Sia, and Dhivya too in my list. So here's my Amma's special, just for all of them, all straight from our hot tawa! This is the way Amma makes, and all of us at home love them!

Ingredients needed:

Chappati dough - as required (I made 7)
Potatoes - 2 big as in the picture
Onion - 1 medium
Green chillies - 1
Salt to taste
Coriander leaves

You can also add (optional, though I didn't add today)
Chilli powder - 1/2 tsp
Coriander pw - 1/4 tsp
Garam Masala - 1/4 tsp
Amchor powder - a pinch
Or if you feel like having a south Indian one, you can add Sambar powder!

Method to prepare

Prepare Chappati dough.

Pressure cook Potatoes, peel them and mash them. You can also grate if you want. I use Pav baji masher or at times grate it.

Chop Onions as juliennes, this way you won't have them coming off the paranthas. Chop chiles to small pieces.

Heat a pan with oil, sauté onions and green chillies till the onions are translucent or little brown. We don't want them to be very brown. Add salt while you are frying them.

Remove from fire, and once they are cool, mix well with the mashed or grated potatoes. This is the secret to roll out a non sticky dough stuffed with aloo. You can remove the chillies if you want or leave it. Depends on your chillieness! Mix well and divide to equal portions.

Divide the chappati dough into equal portions, the size of your regular chappatis.

With your palm, flatten a dough and using one hand, press the sides of the ball to form a hallow to fit the potato ball. The middle should be thick and sides should be thin.

After placing the potato ball, close on the sides to completely cover the stuffing. Run it around the palm so that it gets closed well.

Dust some flour and press on the board. Then gently roll out with the rolling pin. The movement should be flip flap, one to ensure you don't press on the parantha and make the stuffed aloo to come out.

Heat a tawa and smear oil. Once the parantha is rolled out, with all the sides evenly spread, gently remove and place on the hot tawa. Reduce the flame to medium and let it bubble up. Turn it around and spread oil around the paranthas. The paranthas taste better if the oil is spread to the sides too.

Drop a dab of butter if you like!

Once both the sides are cooked, remove and serve hot. Its crispy while its hot and very soft when its cool. Lip-smacking Stuffed Aloo paranthas, with a touching of Avakkai and scooping a desi dahi, is my plate of heaven, any time of the day!

This plate goes to Click, as I clicked it with lot passion and its an ode to potatoes, in melody with Avakkai n Curds for a potato fe(a)st.

I may line up one or more potatoes during this month, for all the potato disliker I may be!

These are also sent to Petra @ Chili und Ciabatta for Bread Baking Day, where the theme is Flatbreads.

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