Soya Bean in Rice Dosa and Uttappam ~ 101 Dosa Varieties!

Weekends always seem to fly right of the window or so it seems. Especially when I have the Saturday also off, I plan for so many things, ultimately most of it would be still pending. First it was Chinnu was down with fever, but luckily he recovered after one dose of crocin. Since he was fine on Saturday, we sent them to playschool. So we were surprised getting a call from them, asking me to pick up Peddu as he was down with fever. We thought they got mixed up with names, but it was Peddu who got it from his brother. He slept back home and was up by 2.30. The first thing he asks was where Chinnu was. He won't agree when we said he was at school. He refused to eat saying he wants Chinnu. So I had no option but to take him back to school. The moment we reached the door, he turned to me and said Bye Amma, good night! Well I hurried back fast lest they thought I was a weepy mother!

Athamma came back from her vacation and we spent the rest of the day filling her up with her grandchildren antics through the week. And we even took them for lunch to the restaurant. Only to know that they are ever the naughtiest kids around. They won't sit for even a minute!

I know I had planned for many a different Dosa variety and a hoard of breakfast items. Looks like I have fallen behind. Anyway here comes a version which makes use of Soya beans. For those of you, who want to include soya in your diet, this is a neat way to do it and very tasty too!

This is very simple recipe if you have soya bean soaked and of course rice as the regular one.

Ingredients Needed:

Raw Rice - 50 gms
Soya Bean - 25 gms
Urud Dal - 3 tbsp
Salt to taste

Makes about 6 medium size dosas

For Uttappam:

Onions - 1 medium
Green Chillies - 1
Coriander Leaves

Method to Prepare:

Wash and soak Rice and Urad Dal together. Soak Soya bean separately. Since dried Soya bean was used, soaked all for about 6 hrs.

Then grind everything to get a smooth batter. Let it ferment overnight.

You can follow the same process that you do as your regular dosa.

Uttappam can be made by adding the onions, chilies and coriander. Just ensure you have a thin batter and cook this in sim, that way you get crispy dosa or uttappam.

This makes a great change and very healthy too!

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