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Curds Dosa or Perugu Minapattu ~ 101 Dosa Varieties!

Having announced a Dosa Mela, it's only fair I attest my freakishness by displaying the wares, so as to say! I know I am foodie, think so and act so in all cases. But since announcing this Mela, there isn't anything else that's going on my mind. I find myself constantly scoring my books for different types and the quest is never ending I find. I thought I will get all my known varieties in place and then look out for new ones. And this is where hubby played spoiled sport. One of the common and most liked one at home is Egg Dosa or Mutta Dosa, that Amma makes and which I have been making too. Since I don't eat egg, I got to make it for hubby. And now he is refusing to eat that, as cooking an egg on heat is going to rob it's protein and we don't want that, right! He wants to have only boiled eggs! If you know of a Dosa with boiled egg, do let me know. Meanwhile, one of these days, I am going to spring the surprise on him and not give him any choice, I guess that will work out fine.

The other type is the Rava Dosa, which is my favorite. Actually when it comes to Dosa, I really can't decide which is most favoured than the other. Having never ventured on making the Rava Dosa batter myself, I am at loss. So the other night, once we get the kiddos to sleep, we discussed what to make for the next day. Athamma said we have been making only dosa with rice for quite sometime at home. So that prompted me to look for a new and my eyes fell on Curds Dosa. Wow this has to be good, as it has Poha and coconut too.

I told her we shall soak rice and poha in curds and make a curds dosa. She asked how about Rava Dosa. She fondly recalled the crispy, thin Rava Dosa that Amma makes. I said I got to ask her for the recipe, which I will do in the morning. We then proceeded to soak the things needed for Curds Dosa. It was quite interesting to note the variations that's called for, in this recipe. We use the Poha or Attukulu in this too, but in a different proportions. I guess its called Curds Dosa, because Curds is used more in proportion. We soaked everything together. Athamma was concerned that the water might not be enough for soaking. I came to know she got up in the middle of the night to check on it and added more water. I guess this craziness is catching on her too!

Then we soaked pesullu for pesarattu today and she reminded me that I got to ask Amma for Rava dosa. So when hubby returned from his gym, he saw me all excited talking to Amma. He asked what got me talking to Amma so early in the morning. I said he will see the results soon. Of course, he would've felt I have gone nuts, disturbing Amma so early, all for a recipe, so I acted all mysterious.Now coming back to the Curds Dosa, it came out so very soft and porous. You got to have patience to cook it on medium and of course, you will be rewarded with the results.

Preparation time : 5 mins
Soaking Time : Overnight
Fermenting Time : 3-4 hrs
Cooking Time : 4-5 mins for each
Serves : 15 medium sized thick ones

Ingredient Needed

Raw Rice - 2 Cups
Poha / Attukulu - 1 cup
Curds / Yogurt - 1 & 1/2 cups
Grated Coconut - 1 cup
Fenugreek seeds - 1/4 seeds
Salt to taste
Water - 2 cups

Method to prepare:

Clean and wash Raw rice and Attukulu separately. In a bowl, take curds and soak the rice and attukulu together. Add the fenugreek and 1 cup water. Since this will soak up nicely, you might have to add a little more water.

Soak it overnight. I guess about 6 hrs should be fine. Next morning, grind this with grated coconut, adding another cup of water. The consistency should be quite thin.

Heat a tawa and smear oil. Take a ladleful of dosa batter and spread to a medium dosa. Sprinkle oil and cook it covered with a lid. Cooking this in medium makes it really soft and porous.

Since you cooked it covered, you need not flip it to the other side.

Serve this with any chutney of choice. I think it will be best with just podi too.

Another one for my Dosa Mela!

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Nupur said...

Poha does result in such airy and fluffy dosas! One question: how does cooking eggs on heat result in loss of protein? And boiled eggs are also eggs cooked using heat, no?
Maybe boiled eggs could be sauteed with onions and tomatoes and served as a filling in dosas, instead of potato masala.

Nikita said...

I am really enjoying this 101 dosa series as I love dosas but never knew there are so many types :) Thanks for taking the effort to show all types of dosas. If you have the time/patience, next can be a series of chutneys/podis that can be had with dosas. I know only one type of chutney so it would be really useful for me.

Sia said...

lol... hubby's do make us bang our head and look out for innovative ways of cooking... how abt boiled egg masala as in potato masala of masala dosa?
i always use poha when making dosas. it makes dosas really soft. oh using butter milk/yogurt in dosa batter gave me one brillent idea to post 2 different traditional m'lore dosa recipes. haven't found the ingredient i was looking for for ur dosa mela. guess i have to make something very soon for u:)

Srivalli said...

Nupur, yes..its so wonderful to make these...What I meant was the difference in cooking egg directly as omelette or boiled. since frying denaturalize the egg, prefer boiled one for an omelet..:)...yeah I thought of the same..but was wondering if there was something else...thanks for the suggestion ..will probably try this and see...

Nikita, thanks for dropping by...chutneys/podis will be a great one too...btw most of my curries are suitable for dosas too..see if you like them...

kamala said...

Dosas look good.Nice information abt eggs.

Anonymous said...

hi ,

Rava dosa recipe
1/2 Cup Rava
1/2 Cup Maida
1/4 Cup Rice Flour
Curry Leaves
Green Chilles

These are the ingredients you need but see the method here
i tried last week it was prefect just like hotel Rava dosa and so easy.

Kalai said...

Looks wonderfully soft and fluffy! Wonderful entry for your own event! :)

Bharathy said...

I had been silently appreciating the dosa varieties lately in your place..and now I cant just keep quiet ;)...

The perugu dosa here with that spicy chicken curry down there on the side and the grape-pine apple drink even down abt all these in one shot...err when I come over??;)(...droooooool)

Divya Vikram said... many innovations in a single dosa..

Hima said...

I also posted on of the dosas which goes the same way but I added sabudana also to the dosa. It is half portion of sabudana and half portion of atukulu. Do check it when you get time.

Mona said...

I'm a huge Dosa fan, and these look so good. Will try this variety this weekend, thnx for sharing!

bee said...

chop up the boiled eggs, cook it with masala, and stuff the dosas with that and red chutney.

it be great is someone had a dosa mela 2 with only non-fermented dosas. i would try them all.

Uma said...

wow, your mind is full of lovely recipes, Srivalli! the dosa looks simply superb. I have to post my entry to dosa mela soon.

Cham said...

You are really a dosa freak Sri! The dosa is porous , good one...

ANJALI J. said...

so many dosa varieties on dosa mela. unique dosa :D

ms said...

nice post srivalli. I will try this sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

he he just read your comment. You can also try this for good bengali recipes on the net

They have a good variety. Ask me if you have any questions, but only thing is I might not be very prompt :)


Trupti said...

another nice dosa recipe from you..thanks again

Kamini said...

Wow, this is something very new for me - never heard of this type of dosai. I will certainly give it a try.
And I second Nupur's thoughts about protein in cooked eggs.

Nags said...

wow! this one sure is unique. I have made one for your even srivalli. waiting a couple more days to finish off the other events :)

Jayashree said...

Lovely white dosas.....nice variation. BTW can I send in one more for the mela or have i already sent in too many???

jayasree said...

Curd dosa.. never heard of it before. Ur dosa looks soft and tempting. Shall try this. Can'w wait for the mela...

remya said...

this is new to this event...wat a variation in dosas...grt job dear

Srivalli said...

Sia, so true..but I guess thats what gets us inventing new dishes!..yeah I thought of the same way...will see if it comes out well..Oh I was so looking fwd to your mysterious dosa...well anyway ..anything traditional will also do...sure looking forward to your entries

kamala, thanks

S, thanks for the details. I have got the recipe from my mom. Will also try out your proportions...thanks for taking time to give me the details...and the link, will have a look at it..

Kalai, thanks..glad you liked it

Bharathy, hahah...I never stopped you right...glad you liked them I said you are always welcome to drop in anytime...let me know when!...:)

Divya, yeah its quite amazing right

Hima, oh sabudana also sounds great...sure will do...thanks

Mona, do try and let me know...and you can send some too..:)

bee, yeah..all you guys are great..will surely try that way out..hahah..there are couple of recipes on mine which does not require can check them out...

Uma, yes yes...nothing else...thanks...pls do..looking forward to that..

Cham, thanks for the was indeed good

Anjali..thats what I thought...thanks

ms, thanks for dropping try and let me know!

sandeepa, you bong mom, you have made me score so many bong sites by now!...finally I have decided on what I am going to cook...yea yea I knew that...:)...

Trupti, thank you

Kamini, you should try tastes very good...yeah about egg..egg cooked as an omelet breaks the protein and when its boiled, it gets together and protein content is increased. In other sense, frying on direct heat causes it to loose its protein, while as boiled, we get more of it. And on that they suggest half boiled eggs. Not sure if I am clear in my explanation. Anyway Dad says eating boiled eggs is more healthy than as fried one!

Nags, oh thats so nice..looking forward to that post...aren't we all so event oriented!..:)

Jayashree, thanks can send as many as your heart wishes..

jayasree, thank try and let me know

remya, thank you..glad you could send in

priyaskitchen said...

hi...this looks so tempting that i have to make it...yummm...

Srivalli said...

Priya, do try and let me sure you will love it..

Sunshinemom said...

I too add a fistful of thick poha to my regular dosa batter for the fluffiness. Nice one! looks tempting!

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