Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vegetarian Starters

Deep Fried Starters from Andhra!

Crunchy Ulaval Vada ~ Horse Gram Fritters
Molakethina Pesulu Vada ~ Sprouted Moong Dal Fritters
Alasanda Vada ~ Black Eyed Pea Fritters
Bitter gourd fritters ~ Kakaraya bajji
Bitter Gourd pakodas
Biyam Pindi Pakode ~ Rice Flour Fritters
Goru Chikkudu Kaya Snacks Gawar Beans Fritters
Mirapakaya Bajji ~ Chilli Bajji
Mirapakaya Bajji ~ Chilli Bajji - Video
Cut Mirchi
Moong Dal Carrot Vada
Uddi Bonda

From my Kitchen!

Carrot Coconut Vada
Palak Paneer Vada ~ Spinach Indian Cottage Cheese Fritters
Onion Rings
Paneer 65
Jackfruit Seeds Crispies
Semiya Manchurian
Sorakaya Snack ~ Bottle Gourd Fries
Mixed Vegetable Vada
Onions Fries
Cabbage Pakodas
Paneer Tikka
Andhra Paneer
Moong Dal Bhajias ~ Rajasthani Style
Cauliflower 65
Wasabi Coleslaw on Roasted Paneer
Microwaved Brinjal Chips
Paneer Chilli
Popcorn Microwave
Aloo Matar Tikkis Recipe ~ Potato Peas Patty
Vegetarian Burger Indian Style
Baigan 65 / Baingan 65
Low Calorie Sambar Vada
Potato Peas Mini Samosas
Coconut Vada | Coconut Fritters Indian Style 
Palak Methi Na Muthia Recipe | Gujrati Special Steamed Dumplings
Homemade Potato Chips 
Wafer Chat | Potato Chip Chat with Step by Step Pictures
Stuffed Mirapakaya Bajji | Bajji Mirapakaya with Step by Step Pictures
Aloo Paneer Bondas | Potato Indian Cottage Cheese Fritters
Peanut Chaat
How to make Potato Chips in Microwave

Deep Fried Starters from Tamil Nadu!

Masala Vada
Medu Vada
Vazhapoo Vadai ~ Banana Blossoms Nuggets
Fried Masala Nuts
Fried Karela with Nuts
Onion Pakkodas

Deep Fried Starters from Karnataka!

Maddur Vada ~ Maddur Vade

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Rush said...

amazing display!!
u posted ike wat..10 recipe index in the same day? my google reader is filled wit ur posts!!

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