Mirapakaya Bajji, Chili Bajji ~ A Video!

Readers who have been following this blog, would know my obsession with the Chili Bajjis that my Athamma makes. It makes an excellent combination with Uggani, a dish made with Puffed Rice and seasoned with onions and tomatoes. In Anathapuram, this is not only relished at home, its also a common street food. Any corner you turn, you will find busy men, churning out hot chili bajjis, and some already placed on big moulds of Uggani in their carts. Its a real feast to eat right off those carts. This is eaten for breakfast, though now we find it too heavy for a breakfast item. But I am ready any time of the day for these yummy bajjis! Would you believe we shot this early in the morning and it was too tempting not to taste one!
For pictorial on making these specialty bajjis, you can visit this post. There I have shown, how the regular green chillies are sautéed in pan and then stuffed with malasa and then deep fried. Another easy one for people who can't have those real fiery ones, they can half fry these bajjis, remove and cut them into 2-3 smaller pieces and deep fry them again. These are called the Cut Mirchis.
On every visit to our sister in laws place, a breakfast of Uggani and Mirapakaya bajji is a must! This is what we had during our visit last summer!
Now coming to the video, hope you like it!

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