Friday, May 25, 2007

Uggani - an amazing dish from a simple puffed rice

Uggani is made from Borugulu or Puffed Rice. This is a popular snack in Anathapuram district, south Andhra. I was first introduced when I visited my inlaws place. I was really surprised to see big molds of Uggani being sold in road side shops. They have this as a big heap with Green chilles decorated on top. Uggani is usually served with Mirapakaya Bajji.

My Athamma makes both Onion pakkodas for my sake and hot Mirapakaya Bajji for my hubby. Imagine how tempting this sounds. This has now become our regular item. Of course since its kind of heavy, we have for dinner.

Well I think I will go right into what makes this delicious tempting dish.

Ingredients for Uggani:

Puffed Rice - 1 large bowl
Onion - 2
Tomato - 2
Green chillies - 4 or 5
Turmeric powder - pinch
Chilli powder - 1 tsp
Corriander leaves
Curry Leaves
Lime (optional)
Fried gram dal powder (Its called Putnalu poddi)

Method to make this:
Grind fried gram dal into fine powder.

Wash the puffed rice in water and soak it for about 2 mts. Squeeze away the water by taking a handful of soaked puffed rice each time. Don't keep it for long as it becomes very soft and uggani be perfect.

Once you have all the water removed, add the fried gram dal powder and salt. Mix well. Keep it aside.

Chop the onion, tomato into fine pieces. Cut green chillies into small pieces.
Take 2-3 tbsp of oil in a pan, add mustard, curry leaves, turmeric, chopped onion, slit green chillies, add half of chopped Coriander leaves. Fry for sometime. Then add tomatoes, cook till its soft and done. Add puffed rice, and mix well. Sim for 10 mins, before removing, add lemon juice if required then garnish with Coriander leaves.Uggani is ready to serve.

This is best served with Mirapakaya Bajji or Chilli Bajji. I also make Onion pakkodas along with this as the other one is very hot.
Check out the recipe for Mirapakaya Bajji in the next post.

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Anjali said...

Wow yes I love this one. just recently my friend had got it in her lunch box. I love it sprinkled with chutney pudi.

Srivalli said...

Yes, this is really a great one. With chutney podi also this will taste good.

Nupur said...

This is such a great dish...I love crunchy snacks with puffed rice, and this one is so different!

Srivalli said...

Hello Nupur if you have not tried this dish yet, please do try it along with chili bajji. The combi is ultimate.

Suganya said...

Thats a great dish. A twist on Bhel Puri. Won't simmering the puffed rice for 10 mins make it soggy?

Srivalli said...

Thanks for dropping by Suganya. The trick is done when we mix it with fried channa dal powder to make it firm. The final result is soft still firm puffed rice. Do try this and let me know.

bird's eye view said...

This sounds yummy, Srivalli. Must try it out

Anonymous said...

This is similar to the Girmit prepared in North Karnataka ! They are yummy..

PJ said...

Lil one loves puffed rice.Will surely make this for her.Love the idea of adding fried gram dal powder :)

veera ranganath said...

uggani bhajji is very tasty,. i love it. its my all time favourite food.

In our home town yemmiganur,Uggani bhajji is very very tasty,yummy.,

Anonymous said...

Its yummyy!!!! Wit chilli bajji n pakodi combi is ultimate.....

Srivalli said...

Anon Thanks..glad you enjoyed

Anonymous said...

Superb....thanks for such a simple n tasty recipe

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