Want to see my Nuts? ~ Mine are always spiced!

Every month they ask 'Show us your this or Show us your that'! And they sure make us do! This month they say 'Show us your Nuts! Are they Nuts? Well no probs, for I am nuts over my spiced ones. Hubby dear was in mood for some nuts. Was I glad!

Well I always look at the drool worthy picture that gets selected and I would've also voted for it for sure. And every time I decide now I should take a picture that's really yummy to look at. But I guess lights never supports me. Nevertheless a shot that's atleast makes me remember the wonderful taste it had when I was chewing on the nuts.

So this spiced up nuts are wonderful way to munch on while you want to think on something. On the other hand, you can munch on them without any thoughts too. I remember the scene when the rat called Remy in the movie Ratatouille, munches on a nut and close his eyes to have firecrackers and lighting bursting around. That's exactly the feeling I get. After watching that movie, hubby dear jokes that we should close our eyes and actually think and feel what that food does to us. Its just great!

Now this spiced nuts have garlic and curry flavour so they just add up to the spice!

All you need is a tender garlic pods with skin on and few curry springs.

Heat oil and add the nuts. Fry on sim so that it gets cooked well. Just twist the garlic, so that the skin gets loose. Fry in the hot oil. Then add the curry leaves and remove before it turns brown.

When you have everything fried in a bowl, take salt and chilli powder and toss everything together.

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