Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Pakodas, Pakodas...powerless??...Nay powered!

Well what can I say? I am a sucker for pakodas. Thats sounds so base! God wish I could have a change over. But then who cares. Pakodas in any form is one tempting snack and I am no less addicted to it. We make different types of pakodas and with different veggies. But the Onion pakoda, best done is something irresistible. There was a time when we used to go out for dinner, this used to the standard starter that I used to order, of course other than paneer items. Hubby dear used to joke that I eat the same stuff that I prepare at home. But then I never complained. This particular variation is so yummy, it can only be felt and not explained with words. This is such an indulgence, really out of the world.

During one summer, figuratively as am not really sure which season, Onions price was so hefty that onions were so sparingly used. We had a party and wanted to have this for the menu. We thought it was the heights of extravagance, but the specialty of the dish, required it. It was so much in demand that we gave up frying it after few rounds. The most difficult part of preparing this was, making sure it stays till the end of frying everything. Because I end up eating them off in the guise of checking for salt, or spice or even if it was crispy enough!

Ok I am going to talk about pakodas in three different ways. For general pakodas, I either add rice flour, fried gram flour or plain bengal gram. The below recipes are with just plain bengal gram flour.

Onion Fries or Pakodas

Ingredients Needed

Onions - as required
Bengal Gram flour / Basan - as required
Salt to taste
Chilli powder as per taste
Oil for frying.

Method to prepare

Chop Onions as julienne. Ensure they are as thin as possible. Wash in water and drain them.

Make sure the central bulb is removed and each piece is separate. Add salt and chilli powder and mix well.

Then add a spoon of Basan to the onions. Mix well to coat onions with Basan.

Heat oil in Kadai. Once its hot, take a handful Onions and ensure you drop them in oil without each sticking to each other. This depends on how much water is retained in Onions. To get best crispy fries, drain as much water as possible but enough to get a good coating of flour!

These get cooked fast, so make sure you remove them or turn them as required.

Remove to a kitchen towel to drain excess Oil.
Kakarakaya Pakoda.

Kakara Kaya or Karela or Bitter gourd makes a wonderful veggie to be eaten as Pakoda. You don't get to feel the bitterness this way. I make it two ways, either as bajjies or pakodas. Either ways its good.

For Pakodas, remove the outer skin and chop Bitter gourd either as rings or horizontal of 2 " size. Soak in salt, after 5 mins, we get water which can be squeezed. This ensure the bitterness is removed to an extent. Remove seeds. Pat in a towel to remove excess water. Add salt and spices, mix well. then add Basan and ensure it gets a good coating.

Then fry these in hot oil.

For making Karela Bajji, remove seeds and soak and squeeze excess water. Dip in think basan batter and fry in Oil.

Pakodas are on its way to "Power" less event hosted by Easycrafts, who wanted us to cook without using any electrical appliances. Well Basan and chilli powder were ground in the Mill and not by me!..Hehe ..thank god, she didn't say not on a stove!

Enjoy with a cuppa of coffee! Of course coffee can also be part of the entry if it isn't ground by you!

Sending the Bitter gourd Pakodas to Pooja from My Creative Ideas for her VOW: Bitter Gourd

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Padmaja said...

Valli who can resist pakodas??
they look absolutely delicious!!
we had guests around for the weekend and I made paneer pakodas. anytime for pakodas!!

Seema said...

Pakodas look delectable buddy. Sitting beside my window, watching the rain drops fall and munching these crispy pakodas what a perfect combo that would be. Enjoy!!!

Siri said...

Yummy pokodas Srivalli... :)

easycrafts said...

Nice Entry... Thanks a lot

Sia said...

LOL... just saw ashakka post on powerless cooking where she used ice cubes and claimes u can always get it from grocery store;) and here u r... he he he... its interesting to see the 'powerless' recipes:)
cant blame u for being a sucker for pakodas. my knees have gone weak looking at those yummy munchies:)

Hema said...

Hi Srivalli!

Have you tried cabbage(cut julienne)pakodas? They are yummy as well. I also mix onions and cabbage sometimes. Try it fellow pakoda lover. you will not be dissapointed. AH! what have you done! I hear my stomach rumble...

ramya said...

Pakodas are my all time fav. I am going into kitchen to prepare some.haha.......yes if the stove is electric then it's ruled out. But we can prepare something or other to eat.

Rina said...

Cool hot Pakodas, anytime!!!

kamala said...

Hai srivalli
Today I am free.So as soon as i saw ur post i made the pakodas and
it really comes out great.Looking more of ur recipes

kamala said...

Hi srivalli
Today I am free.So as soon as I saw ur post i did pakodas.It really comes out great.Looking forward for ur recipes.Happy diwali for u and ur kids

Dhivya Karthik said...

Good one srivalli :) Pakodas are my fav esp now since its quite chilly here in these parts where i stay :)

Namratha said...

Hey who doesn't like Pakodas, they sure are a favourite...good ones!

musical said...

Love the pakodas! Onion pakodas are the best! hmmmm, i can imagine the aroma and the taste! but you know, i need power to make this-i have an electric stove in my apartment!!

KayKat said...

Mmm ... pakodas! You're tempting me to try out the karela ones - never had those before :)

Srivalli said...

Padmaja, very true..I am trilled to see so many pakoda lovers...thank you. You paneer pakodas..yum..I love them so much!

Seema, thank you. Yeah the scene you portray is perfect.

Siri, easycrafts, thnak you

Sia, hhaha...Asha was my inspiration!..it was fun reading her post on this...and its nice to know your knees have gone weak!..hahah..I thought only love sworn does that...but pakodas too..great!

Hema, yea I make that too...thats a best way to eat cabbage!...thinking of that mine is rumbling!..:)

ramya, hhah...good choice..go go..

Rina, thank you!

kamala, thats nice to know...Thank you and wish you the same

Dhivya, wow..thats a great time for pakodas, enjoy!

Namratha, yeah I know..thanks!

musical..hehe..you got to make them..but you won't be able to send to the event..but still enjoy the pakodas!

Latha Narasimhan said...

Lol! When I read make sure central bulb is removed, I thought you were cooking with out the light on!:D You see it is powerless cooking!
Nice pakodas! My son somehow gets to know when I am in your blog! sitting beside and trying to find out what you have posted!:)

Srivalli said...

Lathamma, thank you. that is so sweet of your son. Its my pleasure!...thank you and wish you the same

Meeta said...

Those look crunchy and lovely

Asha said...

Oh, check my FH and you see my Pakoras too!;D
Love your's, so crispy! YUM YUM. Happy Diwali!:))

Swaroopa said...

nvr heard of kakakhaya pakodas. sounds interesting. will try them soon.

sagari said...

onion pakoda looks delecious prefect for this cold weather

Sig said...

Oh those look delicious Srivalli! And your description make me crave for some hot pakoras... :) Happy Diwali to you and family!

starry nights said...

Love all the delicious food you posted.have to try the mutton biryani and the roast.what meat masala did you use. the pakodas look so yummy I think I have to make some right now.Happy diwali to you.thanks again for posting the recipes.


Pakoras look mouthwatering.....:))

Srivalli said...

Meeta, thank you !

Asha, I did and they are do nice..the entire thali looked great

Swaroopa, thank you. They are quite tasty.

sagari, they are prefect anytime!

Sig, glad I did..:)..thank you and wish you the same!

sn, thank you for the wishes. will send you the list for the masala!

Thanks Rajeswari

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