Well Cabbage as a Pakoda?

Cabbage is called "Goes" or "Mutta Goes" in Tamil. I remember as a kid, we used to make fun of this vegetable, saying what goes what comes! And I actually don't remember what its called in Telugu. Its so funny really, many things I know in only Telugu and most things in Tamil. But if asked vice versa, you may fine me very perplexed! That's the reason why I started a series called Know your Ingredient!. But as few things wading off with time, if its not pursued with vengeances, this is one of those for me. I really liked working on that series and had gathered quite a lot of data for each Ingredient. Blame the mind for having a selective amnesia. This happily got lost in the myriad of things, that run around my mind. Well, if its something that I am going to work on seriously this year, then this is for you!

Now coming back to Goes, I kind of not like the after effects of eating one. But I read that its very good for woman, in terms of 1 cup a day keeps you fit and healthy. Eating this, we get enzymes and stuffs required to fight cancer. And not to mention the fact that, cabbage has lots of fiber which helps in general metabolism of body. Well, you will think after knowing all these facts I might be more keen in consuming right? Wrong, that's preciously my point. Even after knowing these facts, getting to eat this daily was so difficult. Finally we have reached a point where we are forced to eat this everyday. We have a bowl of par boiled beans and cabbage for dinner. Yuck! Hope hubby dear isn't reading this post! Anyway whether I like it or not before, I have now come to accept it as part of dinner.

Other regulars at Amma's place was Cabbage Kootu. That has a wonderful taste that you will never suspect that cabbage found its way into it. This is one wonderful way of eating Cabbage, without knowing what went into it but which that taste great with rotis. And this, my dear friend proclaimed that I dare not serve this when she visits us. I have all minds, to do just that, only will also make a cabbage feast, to dish up this, yet another delight from Amma. There was a time in the past, when we found with unexpectedly large quantity of cabbage lying around the fridge for ages unknown, this will find its way to lunch as this delicious pakodas! (I am only dramatizing the ages unknown factor, for effect!) Though Dad always teases Amma that she tests the fridge's longevity standards, she never usually kept the vegetables for more than a day. If you talk about other items, well yes Amma is known for her habit of docking things into fridge and completely forgetting it. Those things, unless and until we happen to remember, will never see the day of light! It used to be funny. This reminds me that I have a tag to play on Show your fridge, guess I will talk more about this in that post. Infact, I feel so bad, I don't remember who tagged me, but I will remember who it is and will do that post sometime soon!

These cabbage pakodas are something out of the world! But then any veggie that finds itself in the company of Gram flour and had done a dance in the oil, will taste great. I know Karela tastes good too. So why not cabbage. But the strange factor is, you will not make out the taste. It tastes so much yummy as Onion Pakodas.So this is what I found Amma having ready for lunch. Well she can't serve just Dal, Rasam and Veggie Fry with Curds for her dear son in law right. Has to add some extra zing to the meal. She normally adds onions along with shredded cabbage, this time she had so much cabbage that she just used only cabbage. We just couldn't find out that it is cabbage.
Ingredients Needed

Cabbage - 250 gms
Besan / Gram Flour - 3 - 4 tbsp
Salt to taste
Chilli powder
Coriander Leaves - 1/2 cup
Curry leaves few

Method to prepare:

Clean and shred cabbage into rough pieces. It can have big chucks of them too.

In a bowl, take the cabbage and add salt chilli powder, chopped coriander, curry leaves and the besan. spoon by spoon. When you start mixing you will know the consistency of the mixture. It should be loose but more packed like in Onion pakods.

No need to add water, but this again depends on the texture you get. If you add water, it might duck more oil.

Heat a kadai with oil. Once its hot, scoop a spoon full of batter and drop into the hot oil. Simmer for 2 mins and turn around so that both sides are well cooked.

Drain to a kitchen towel.

Serving Tips: These tastes great on its own, with sauce or just plain, as a side for dal or as a main in front of TV. (Well I doubt if I can make my folks eat this, sitting in front of TV, sorry Lax, we hardly watch TV..:D)

Well that's all folks for today, if you want to catch the action at what's happening to Tom & Jenny's Love story then, rush to the scenes and watch the drama unfolding itself.

Till then happy weekend!

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