Know your Ingredient - Globally

What is Muttikaya in Hindi? What is Bengal Gram in Telugu?...well I am faced with such questions all the time. Since I think and use Telugu most of the time, but have to communicate in Tamil to get things from Grocery, I find it hard to get the local name when I order that. So every time will have to ask Amma what it is called in Tamil. Likewise there are few ingredients that I know in English but not equivalent in Tamil or Telugu. When I started writing down recipes when I was in college, I maintained a separate page where I would update all the equivalent names in all the languages. But it was quite limited and updating it was also difficult.
In this age and technology, it should not be a problem to get the different names used in different languages and have them in one common place - The Internet. Anybody can access and be benefited.

So this is going to be a new series where I will be writing on one Ingredients every week. Will try to post a picture and dig up medicinal value, if any, and other related informations that will enrich the ingredient.

Expecting everybody to input the name as it is called in your language. This is not just restricted to Indian names but global languages.

Hope I can get everybody's support and contribution.

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