Mixed Vegetable Vada!

I guess there must be very few precious things that could upset a 2 yr old baby. But when it does, it must be an abyss. Kids have such innocent approach and their take on most things, make you want to cuddle them to you, to protect them from all outside hassles. Life is so cruel, it forces a baby to learn and face such adversities at such young age. What would you think when a child that young, is forced to part with its most favorite thing. Yes I was forced to be cruel enough to keep away the feeding bottle from Peddu!

He has the habit of suckling it when he feels sleepy. The moment he takes his feeding bottle, he conks off to sleep as an angel that he is. Only saving grace has been the fact that its an empty feeding bottle. I know if its a bottle with milk or juice, it would have been even worse. Still the doctors advised me that its high time I made him break this habit. It broke my heart to see him pining for his dear bottle, but I had keep it away. I explained to him patiently that its bad for him and he shouldn't ask for it. He nodded his head as if he understood. The first time was so hard, he was crying insistently. Finally I had to give in. But next morning I again spoke to him about it. He looked so pitifully at me, with a look that asked why he was forced to sacrifice his most beloved bottle. Its been four days now, there has been great progress on his detachment to his bottle. Hopefully end of this weekend, he should be able to break free from a habit he learnt as an infant. Life is really cruel to make a baby learn to be detached with material things!

Though a mother can never love one child more than the others, a wee bit is always more towards one child, whom she feels need more protection. My darling Peddu is so innocent, I know the other two can fend for themselves. Peddu is always behind one of us, with questions asking about everything he sees. He is so inquisitive to know his surroundings. While Konda and Chinnu have wheels on their feet and can never be idle for even a micro second, Peddu is more content to be sitting with us and watching and laughing at the antics his siblings will be up to. Not that he doesn't join them in their play, when he does the house is turned up side down with three little monkeys jumping around!

Coming to the recipe for the day, I feel happy sharing a snack that my kids loved when I made it for them. I don't mind giving them deep fried snacks. Its great to see how they enjoy these snacks.

I know most of you might lift up your nose at yet another deep fried snack, but what is life if its not juxtaposed with deep fried love!

And yes this is a sure way to clean up your pantry, with titbits of vegetables that you can add into this! I literally threw in whatever came to hand, more with the thought that I should make my kids eat their vegetables.

Ingredients Needed:

Mixed vegetables, chopped - 1 cup
Paneer - 1/2 cup
Besan/ Fried gram flour - about a cup (enough to get a thick batter
Rice flour - 3 - 4 tbsp
Salt to taste
Coriander leaves - 3 -4 stalks
Curry leaves - 4
Oil for deep frying.
Green chillies - 1 chopped (adjust to taste
Chili powder as per taste (opt)

Method to prepare:

Chop all vegetables, in a bowl mix in the vegetables and crumble the paneer. Add the chopped chili and chilli powder if you are using, along with salt. Mix well. If this is for adults, you can very well use more chilies.

Mix in the besan and rice flour, sprinkle water and gather everything together. You will get a thick but wet dough, just enough to pat them down as doughnuts or vada shapes.

Get the oil heated up in a kadai.

Meanwhile, wet your palm and take a ball and pat it down to get a 1 inch thick of vadas. Gently slide it into hot oil, simmer the flame for a while for the inner side to get cooked well.

Drain it to a kitchen towel.

Goes great with sauce!

Note: The vegetables that went in were Cauliflower, Beans, Carrot, Potatoes, Peas. You can just about anything.

My kids sure enjoyed this, try and let me know if yours does!

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