Crunchy Ulaval Vada ~ Horse Gram Fritters!

When I finally sat down to see what I have for the coming days, I was surprised to note, I had none! I turned to tell the same to Athamma, when she was also getting ready to make something. The other day hubby dear was saying something about allasanda vada and we also were talking about Ulaval or Horse gram vada. This prompted Athamma to soak some horse gram. Well I could not actually go and see what she was doing as the twins were busy trying to show me something. They have improved their vocabulary from two syllable to three. Though Peddu continues to say Baa for Bus, he does say lot of other words. While Chinnu is still so shy to say anything. My Chinnu is such a sweet little one, he is very silent amidst strangers but he is the most naughtiest of all.

While I was still playing with them, Pavani came down with my niece and just then my Athamma was making these vadas. The twins were mighty pleased to lay hands on a dish, as they seem to be fond of trying to eat new things. Though they hardly ever complete it. So the moment they saw my niece, Chinnu took away the plate from me, saying its going to be for "Aackey". The way they hug each other on seeing, you might think its been ages since they met, than the few hours they parted. Three of them go to the same play school and spend the whole day. Yet get very excited on seeing again. We asked what rhymes they learnt, immediately Lucky started with A,B, CD, and Peddu joined the chorus. It looked as if they were singing a big song. Seeing them singing, Chinnu was walking around, slowly joined them and started singing Mummy Daddy I L L you!. We heard what he was singing, when both these little ones stopped. These two were singing on top of their voice, so when they stopped, it was like a lull after a storm. In that silence, we heard the sweet and soft voice of chinnu singing this ILU song, it was so very sweet. He become all shy the moment he realized he was alone singing.

The Vadas that Athamma made, promptly disappeared. So all I could get were these pictures to share!

Soaking time for Horse Gram - overnight / 4-6 hrs
Preparation time : 15 mins

Ingredients Needed:

Soaked Ulaval / Horse Gram/ Kollu - 1 cup
Onions - 1 medium
Green Chilies - 2 nos
Ginger Garlic paste - 1 tsp
Coriander leaves chopped.
Salt to taste
Oil for deep frying

Method to prepare:

Ulaval or Horse gram needs to be soaked overnight or atleast 4 - 6 hrs before cooking.

Then using very little water, grind Horse gram and chillies, to a smooth but not very smooth batter. If you want you can grind red chilies along with it.

Add chopped onions, coriander leaves, ginger garlic paste. Press as vadas and deep fry in hot oil.

Drain on a kitchen towel and serve with spicy chili chutney or tomato sauce.

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