Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sankranthi Greetings with Special Pongal Recipes!

Hearty Sankranthi Wishes to all my readers!

The day typically started hearing Konda hurrying out to see the Bogi Manta! Even before getting up, I was washed away by memories of many Bogi early mornings spent either doing the Bogi, then later with a disdain look at the things that happen on a Bogi morning. Years back, I remember the wee hours being always so foggy, never sure whether it was because of the fog or the Bonfire. Later the fascination turned to disdain because we polluted the air. Still we can't deny the kids their joy right.

Bogi always meant bonfire, where we burnt all our old things and done with them. It symbolizes a new beginning, both inside and surrounding us. As kids we used to save lot of unwanted stuff to burn on this day. Over the years the traditions stopped, we no longer do this custom nor hope we will take it up for our kids. Back then we were given four days off for school. Now kids have school and they no longer have much fixation for Bogi.

Remembering the Bogi in Parents home, I called up to ask Amma if she made her traditional Dosa with Mutton Pulusu and Vada. Yes at home, on the Bogi day Amma makes non veg for breakfast and on Sankranthi it is all vegetarian food and offered to God. While it was the custom in parents place, my in laws strictly follow vegetarian food on all days. And moreover Athamma makes Poli for all festivals.

On the day of Bogi, Amma used to make Dosa with Andhra Mutton Pulusu / Chicken Pulusu.

Coconut Chutney and Groundnut Chutney for Vegetarians
Meddu Vada/ Masala Vada

Afternoon Lunch used to be
Endumirapakaya Pappu ~ Dal with Red Chilli with Kesari Bhath

On the day of Sankranthi,

The menu was this, which was also offered to God
Bellamannam or Sakarai Pongal

Pachimirapakaya Pappu ~ Dal with Green Chilli,
Vazhakai Bajji ~ Plaintain or Banana fritters,
Traditional curd Rice ~ Bagala Bath

Semiya Payasam

While since marriage, I have been making

Boorelu, Kudaalu
Sweet Poli
Vankai Uurulagadda Kura
Chitranmma ~ Lemon Rice

Rest of the two days was more of what we wanted to make.
Vankai Pappu ~ Dal with Brinjal
Mirapakaya Bajji ~ Chilli Bajji
Onion Pakodas
Senega Pappu Payasam

Will be back with a tempting gravy, meanwhile do share how you are celebrating your pongal?

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Jennifer said...

awesome! I want to make semiya payasam. Let's see how it goes!

Madhu said...

Looks very festive.. Happy Pongal Sri.

nivedita said...

Hi Srivalli,
Wish you also a very happy Sankranthi.

Priya said...

Happy Sankranthi wishes to u & ur family Sri..Lovely array of delightful foods..

simplyfood said...

Your dishes look amazing and my mouth is watering.Lovely pics too.

Happy pongal and Sankranthi wishes to you.

Mriganayani said...

Happy Sankaranti to you and your family too Srivalli!

Everything looks delicious as always! I miss the foggy Indian mornings..wish i can be there right now!

ruchikacooks said...

Wishing you and your family a Happy Pongal Srivalli..
Here we are celebrating with kolams, pongal and poli.

Nithu Bala said...

Nice recipes..Happy Sankranthi :-)

Madhuram said...

Happy Sankranthi Valli. I know what you are saying about the fog. I too remember the foggy mornings especially on Bogi.

Jhanani said...

Happy pongal to you and your family. Cheers.

Ms.Chitchat said...

Happy Pongal to u and ur family. You have brought the festival alive with ur pics.


PJ said...

everything looks so very delicious and well presented! Seeing these array of beautifully cooked up dishes, I am wishing I was a dinner invitee to your place :D Happy sankranthi to you too, Srivalli!

Tina said...

Happy pongal dear...

notyet100 said...

omg everythin looks so yummy,..:-)

Valarmathi said...

Happy Pongal to you and your family.

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