Vijaya Dashami festival Food and a sweet gesture!

There are couple of festivals for which Amma makes the entire meal as Neivedyam and offer for pooja. From childhood, I have always remembered and associated different festivals with different goodies that get prepared. And we get to have them only the next season! So its always been something we look forward to. Like Poli gets done only for Ugadi and Kudumulu for Ganesh Chatruthi etc. During the season, Amma used to prepare lot of sweets and savory items too. She will start well ahead of the festival with preparations and do everything on daily basis.
As a kid I remember waiting eagerly for her to give me some for eating. But since it can't be eaten without being offered to God, I used to pester her and then once done, used to gulp everything down. I used to eat only the snacks the entire time it was available. I used to be so trilled. I can still remember the different types of murukus that gets done. God it used to be wonderful! Later as I grew up, I used to help out with the preparations and even that used to be fun. I guess even now I might still have the same enthusiasm, only we stopped making all these traditional goodies at home as it takes too much of Amma's time.
Dad and hubby dear decided that we might as well buy from outside. It was like when we were kids there weren't that many good shop from where you can get quality stuffs. Off late the city is full of very good ones. And we need not really sweat so much. But I wonder how much fun my kids are missing out. I haven't really seen my daughter breaking down with excitement at anything except maybe for very few items that she likes. Maybe the fault remains in me not preparing anything exciting for her to comment on, because when I tried out that Salt Diamonds she was very excited and all eager to eat it. So next festival that's coming I am going to try my hands on at least one traditional goodies.

Now coming to the festival foods that Amma makes, the one dish that features a lot has always been Pachimirapakay Pappu or Tor Dal with Green Chilies. Well she used to prepare Gatti Pappu with Green chilies (Getti/ Gatti means thick in Telugu), so I have always been used to eating this dal only during festival lunch and imagine my surprise when I saw that my in-laws make this very frequently.
In the beginning I used to get vexed with the menu they rant away. It used to be always Pappu with Red chillies or Green or Brinjal or Mangoes. Name a vegetable, Athamma will come out with a Dal combo of that. Now I am kind of used this. And though I prepare this dal frequently, and love the dal that Athamma makes, I still think that it lacks the one thing that separates it from the memory of what I have. The special something that I find missing in this dish. Maybe its to do with the festive mood and the time we have to wait finally to eat, it used to be heavenly in a different way!

So here is Pachimirapakaya Pappu that I prepared for Vijaya dashami. Best combo for this would be Onion bajji or Chilli bajji. Just love the combo!

Ingredients Needed:

Tur Dal - 100 gms
Green chillies - 5 -6 (depending on your choice)
Tomatoes - 2 medium
Turmeric a pinch
Tamarind - 1 piece
Coriander leaves few
Salt to taste


Mustard seeds + Urud dal - 1/2 tsp
Onions - 1 small
Curry leaves
Garlic pods - 4
Oil - 1 tsp

Method to prepare:

In a pressure cooker, take all ingredients except seasoning ingredients, salt, add enough water to cover it well. Pressure cook for 4 -5 whistles.

Once the pressure is off, remove the lid, drain the water to a bowl along with the green chilies. Take the pappu guthi and mash everything well. Add salt and adjust spice, if you want more spice to be added, add green chilies back and mash again. Pour back the dal water to the dal.

Heat a pan with oil and sputter with mustard, urud and sauté onions and garlic well. It can even be little browned.

Tamper this to the dal and let it cook on high flame with salt. Cook till the dal is reduced to required consistency. We normally serve a thick dal with rice.

Dal is ready to be served. This is normally served with rice, but its know to taste great with Dosa and Chapatis too.

A Sweet Gesture.

Blogging has brought many wonderful people my way. Though we may really not be able to meet everybody, their gestures and actions goes long way in assuring that this place is really still sweet enough for us not to get dejected.

I felt real joy and proud when Padmaja of Spicy Andhra sent me a lovely mail appreciating my daughter. Not being satisfied with words, she was showing her appreciation through actions. Padmaja sent these to Anjana, who was really trilled and excited. I even felt a pang that I wasn't a kid anymore to enjoy these. They are so lovely. Best part was she sent things in her favorite colour. Each item was so beautiful.

Thank you padmaja. It was really so sweet and kind of you to take such pains in sending these to my daughter. It means a lot to me.

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