Monday, September 10, 2007

Senaga Pappu Payasam for Janmashtami!

Finally got around posting this Payasam, which was prepared for Janmashtami. I couldn't prepare everything that's normally prepared this day. I managed to prepare only Senaga pappu Payasam or Parupu Payasam. We even got the boys walk dipped in the rice flour to imprint the Lord Krishna's feet. Normally Amma makes with her fist, but in the hurry I forgot to make those imprints too. Only my daughter's feet looks clear. Amma adds Jaggary to the rice flour, not only for making it sticky but also as food for Ants!. You can see that the second ones have many ants!.

Not up to the mark for a lengthy pre - recipe musings, even though I did have many things to recollect!

Ingredients Needed:

Bengal Gram (Senega Pappu) - 1 cup
Sujji / Rava - 2 tbsp
Jaggary - 1 cup


Cashew Nuts
Fresh grated Coconut (Opt)
Sonti (Dry Ginger) powder (optional)
Cardamom powder (optional)

Method to prepare:

Pressure cook the bengal gram till its cooked.

Melt jaggary and remove if any dirt. In an separate pan, boil water and cook rava till its cooked. Then add rava and jaggary to the Bengal gram and pressure cook again.

Finally garnish with roasted cashew nuts. Grated coconut also can be added of preferred.

Sending this to The Yum blog for their Event on Janmashtami.

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Jeena said...

Lovely recipe it looks yummy. :)

easycrafts said...

nice one...will try it out

Asha said...

Great looking Payasa.We call it Kadalebele Payasa to serve with Holige sometimes!:)

Roopa said...

looks yummy adding rava is a nice twist!

Sirisha said...

Nice one Valli :-)

Padma said...

Nice Senega Pappu payasam Sri, and I can faintly see those feet impressions....looks like you had a great time doing it, but I somehow missed this event, feeling sad

musical said...

Yummy! great Neivedyam for Janmashtami!

bee said...

no milk, no coconut milk? very unusual recipe.

Srivalli said...

Jeena, thanks..

easycrafts, pls do try it out and let me know

Asha, great to know this name

Roopa, yes thats what I felt when my athamma said.

Sirisha, thanks :-)

Padma. hha...I know those are not clear...forgot to take another round..

musical, thanks!

bee., you can add milk if you want but not really required!

lakshmi said...

thanks for this unique entry. i have never heard of ginger being used in a payasam!!!

Vcuisine said...

A nice entry Valli. Hope you managed to do with your little ones Viji

Nags said...

wish i cud make something for janmashtami too.. but i am really not used to celebrating any festivals, except maybe onam, xmas and diwali..

Latha Narasimhan said...

Sri, this paayasam is apt for festivals! Nice entry!
The feet are not clear as the background is light.I would love to see how your mother draws them!

starry nights said...

I can see the footprints and the ants. The payasam looks sooooo good.will have to make it.

Sharmi said...

I would love to try this. looks simple and delicious.

Srivalli said...

lakshmi, thats sonti. The powdered dry ginger smells great

Viji, thanks, was not able to do everything I planned, somehow it went well.

Nags, good to know that...anyway this is just another way for us to know new things

Lathamma, thank you...will get amma make it and will post it later

starry nights, thats very sweet of you..

Sharmi, thanks let me know

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