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Sometimes you just need to see for yourself to know how far you have come!

It took me couple of emails that landed into my mail box asking for similar requests, got me into thinking that maybe my Recipe Index is not being used much. Though I have always been on the outlook to get an automated tool to do this for me, a person who always thinks of creating tools to automate process, finally decided that I like going through the list each time I update the Index.

I won't say I update the list right away as soon as the post is published, which would actually be great. I do try my best though. On the other hand I found that creating an Index is an on-going project! Next on my do to list is to upload pictures in thumbnails for you to enjoy the list. Hope I will do it soon.

Yes, my cookbook work is going on snail pace, but I wanted to track the recipes that I have blogged in both my blogs. Hence spent considerable time in just getting this list out, hoping it would help the many who land in here in the pursuit of Happiness..:)

All the recipes are mostly simple Indian every day dishes that even a novice would find it easy to handle. If you have tried something and have feedback on it, please do share it with me. I have tried my best to categorize the recipes and always been eager to know which category sounds interesting to my readers.

My quest has always been to learn different cuisines, but also to put my home recipes featuring Rayalaseema Cuisine, including my own interpretation of the South Indian Cuisine on the Road Map. So majority of the 550 recipes that I have blogged feature these. So "By Cuisine" list is still not updated and lacks lot from the other wonderful cuisines that I want to try.

Anytime in the individual list, clicking on the Back to the Main Index will bring you back to the Main List.

I hope you stay back to enjoy!

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