Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rice Dishes ~ Pulao, Mixed Rice, Masala Annam, Pilaf, Fried Rice, Biryani

Sauteed Rice ~ Fried Rice Plain / Vegetables

Ghee Rice
Mexican Rice
Chinese Fried Rice
Coconut Coriander Rice

Indian Mixed Rice Dishes

Andhra Pulihora ~ Tamarind Rice with Sesame Seeds
Chintakaya Pulihora / Fresh Tamarind Rice
Chitrannam ~ Lemon Rice
Gongura Fried Rice
Karivepaku Annam ~ Spiced Curry Leaf Rice
Lemon Rice LBS #46

Maharashtrian Style Masala Bath
Mamidikaya Annam ~ Mango Rice LBS#35
Pudina, Pappula Annam / Mint Dal Rice Pulao Recipe
Pulihora ~ Tamarind Rice
Pulihora or Puliyodarai ~ Iyar Style LBS#33
Thakkali Sadam
Thakkali Sadam Version 2
Thenga Sadam ~ Kobari Annam ~ Coconut Rice-lbs28

Vangi Bath
Pepper Tamarind Rice ~ Miriyala Pulihora
Puli Aval / Atukula Pulihora
Nellikai Sadam | Gooseberry Rice
Easy Sambar Sadam
Ellu Sadam / Sesame Rice
Paruppu Podi Sadam
Arisi Paruppu Sadam

Karivepaku Pulihora | Curry Leaves Tamarind Mixed Rice
Vendaya Keerai Sadam | Methi Rice

Pulao, Masala Annam, Pilaf, Biryani

Bisi Bele Huli Anna
Brinji ~ Vegetable Rice -LBS#25
Cabbage Rice/ Cabbage Carrot Rice LBS 56
Carrot Capsicum Rice
Cauliflower Rice LBS 55
Chambray ~ Sikkam Style sauteed Rice
Channa Pulao - LBS#6
Coconut Milk Rice - LBS#1
Ground Masala Rice

Jeera Pulao
Kadambam Sadam
Peas Pulao | Peas Pulav
Potato Pulao - LBS#10
Potato Pulao 2 - LBS#49
Sambar Rice
Colour Rice ~ Masala Annam
Sautéed Rice ~ Tiragamatha Annam
Masala Annam ~ Rice Pilaf with Step by Step Pictures

Tomato Rice Oriya Style
Tomato Rice/ Puloa -LBS#23
Vegetable Biryani
Vegetable Briyani 2
Vegetable Dum Biryani
Vegetable Ghee Rice-LBS#19

Vegetable Pulao- LBS#8
Vegetable Biryani
Aloo Gobi Pulao ~ Potato Cauliflower Pilaf
Soya Chunks Vegetable Pulao ~ Pressure Cooker Method - LBS#66
Tawa Pulao Recipe | Tava Pulao - Mumbai Street - LBS#67
Vegetable Fried Rice | How to make Vegetable Fried Rice

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Munni said...

Hi Valli
Just noticed you missed ven pongal / pongal from this list. I am planning to cook it today. So naturally I was looking for the recipe in your site. All the dishes I made from ur recipes turned out great

abirami said...

can any one tell me how to make karivepilai sadham

Srivalli said...

Thanks Munni..hope you liked it.

Abirami, please check out this link

Divya.M said...

nice big list...bookmarked....if any get together...i can have this wonderful choices.....thanks valli...

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