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The Roti Mela Mega Round up ~ Part 1

Before I proceed, let me thank all the bloggers who have taken time to contribute to this Mega Mela! I tried my best to comment on all posts, but somehow couldn't do it on all posts. But believe me, I have read each and every entry in detail! Each one was more exciting than the other. In the end, I really couldn't say which one was the best, because everything was different!

Now coming to entries, I have tried categorizing them as much as possible. Before I get on to the entries, the stats first. For the Mela, we had 117 participants, sending a total of 266 entries (updated). Many bloggers have been kind enough to send multiple entries. Special mention goes to the lovely ladies at the Yummy Blog, Lathamma and Lakshmi, who have sent 12 entries, followed by Priyanka of Asankhana, who has sent 11 entries. And there are many bloggers who have been sweet enough to send in multiple entries.

This is going to be a round up in parts. And to the best of my knowledge, I have not missed out any entry, but do please let me know if its so. Though I have been always been very relaxed on this rule in the past, please ensure your entry is linked to the Event announcement. The only exception has been with bloggers, who have sent all their old entries. I know its not possible to repost all of them, but a link back will be appreciated, though I have overlooked in few cases. I know this may sound off, but the basic idea is for many to know about this event and to learn from it.

Before we see the lovely entries, some basics the Indian Flatbread. We have both Leavened and Unleavened breads. Leavened breads are normally activated by either yeast or baking powder. They are mostly cooked in Tandoori oven, except for Bhatura, which is deep fried. Many flatbreads are unleavened, made without yeast or sourdough culture. We have many varieties and variations in making a flatbread.

I don't really find much difference between Roti and Paratha. Maybe in the way its cooked and referred could change. But its also mentioned that when butter or ghee is added and cooked, its referred as Paratha Roti. So I conclude that plain whole wheat flour made with or without oil is called Roti. When ghee or butter is added, is referred to Paratha. Paratha again can be Round, Square or triangular. Mostly paratha has stuffing with it. And when its round, the stuffing is mostly mixed with the flour and rolled out as a Roti. When its either Square or Triangular, the stuffing is placed and enclosed over it and rolled out again to be cooked.

We also have the chapati, which is same as Roti. using whole wheat flour. But when its cooked directly over the flame, it becomes Pulka. While Chapati or Roti are normally prepare with whole wheat flour, paratha can also be made using half maida or all purpose flour or white flour.

A slightly different version to the paratha, is the South Indian Parotta made fully with Maida. This is more flaky and layered. We also have many layered paratha, that comes in 5 or 7 layers. Lacha Paratha is plain paratha that is layered. All Roti, Paratha, Chapati are cooked over tawa or griddle, with oil, ghee, butter or even plain.

Deep fried variety of the same is called Poori (Wheat flour), Luchi (White flour). The choice to style of layering, shapes and stuffing can be many. If I am list them all, its not even possible.

When we talk about Leavened bread, we have Naan, Kulcha, Bhatura, Bhatura is the only leavened bread that's deep fried. Naan, Kulcha are both cooked in a oven called Tandoori Oven. The dough is made using yeast, Baking powder or Curds/ Yoghurt. Naan is always mostly done using active yeast and then cooked in Tandoori oven. The sudden exposure to the high temperature, causes it to get cooked rapidly. This is the cause for its softness. Also, this is shaped as a tear drop.

Kulchas are mostly made using either curds or baking powder. And its round in shape. We have both Naan and Kulchas stuffed with different choice. But these days, we even tend to cook both Naan and Kulcha on the stove top. I didn't find any difference in the texture.

Disclaimer: All the above is gathered based on my knowledge, assisted greatly by the Wikipedia. If you find any discrepancy, do let me know. I will verify and update.

Ok now for the entries!


On the General Ones!

Want to know how many types of leavened breads are there in Indian? check out the details Ramki has collected!

Not just that, he has collected information and links on 1001 Parathas, 1001 South Indian Breads and Indian Rotis. Now that's one ready reckoner!

Now Sunshinemom has come with a PJ question for you all! check it out and come out with the answer, she said she has some exciting prizes for that correct one!..what what H??..oh you never said anything about the prize!!..oops...sorry friend..:)


Basic fundas in Action!

Lets start with how basically a roti is prepared and in what styles and shapes!

I have always wondered how Lachha Paranthas are made. But never knew its referred to the same thing that we make at home. Its a basic paratha that's gets layers into it. Of course, it requires some expertise to roll out these. Sheetal comes out with beautifully make ones specially for the Mela. I am so glad in getting this entry!

Arfi with her obsession with Naan, wants to try out Roti this time. And she makes these white looking goodies to go beautifully with her lentil and spinach curry! Arfi's pictures makes you breathless and keeps you hooked on the screen!

Lavi brings in a tandoori roti made with a Pressure cooker. Now you don't have to worry that you don't own a oven, you can easily make this right with your cooker for Lavi says, it came out like the ones in the restaurant!

Satpuro means 7 layered paratha in Sindhi. Its flaky and very tasty as its mostly done with lot of ghee. Check out Medhaa's different styles in which these layered parantha are made traditional. And she says she just started cooking. Unbelievable!

Well I expected lot of things to happened, but never imagined this! And its not a thing to be afraid of! For the mad scientist comes to life in MS and gets us the most Healthiest Chapati! Well she has given a declaimer in the very beginning. But who cares, the picture speaks for its yummy ness and I am all for it!

Nidhi finds that all fancy and high fundda rotis making way to the mela and was really concerned that the basic one be least looked over. So she hurriedly recalls her plain Rotis to come and take the center stage!

Suganya has a beautiful blog. Yeah all of us know. Most times I am left speechless drooling over her fantastic pictures. And on top she takes pain to come out with some excellent dishes. This Gehun phulka is one such dish! She grinds fresh flour to make these. I am so trilled!

Now Sunshinemom makes with her version of the basic roti, or the pulka. And in the process gives a detailed steps to follow!

Swati comes out with a Tutorial showing how different shapes can be made in paratha. For nothing is she called endearingly as Paratha Queen!

Next three entries are from me. We have the basic chapati that's gets done. Then I finally had the Pulka rising. Not to mention about the roti that has to be cooked in a tandoori but I made use of the pan!

Fried Fantasy

These are deep fried loves and nobody can say no to them, though most try very hard. And each and every entry looks so very tempting!

Archana makes a twist to the traditional Bhatura by adding in yeast! Well why should we stick to ceremonies when they turned out so exceptionally well! This sure makes me want to reach out!

Imagine Asha going out of ideas to cook! Well I didn't believe but she says so. And to compensate she comes out with another recipe for making Chole Bhature! Ok I am happy that she has run out of ideas, if these are something she can come out during this time!

Next we have one coming with Priyanka's style!

Radhika reminisce on her first time eating batura. I guess that's indeed a great thing that could happen. I too vividly remember min. And I am glad that this event got her to remember all those lovely memories!

Swait sweats out in passion reading my chole bhature and starts craving for it. That takes her back to those days she spent eating these in Delhi! And she sings praises to Chacha ke Chole Bhature!. Well its not Chacha Choudhary!

Finally from me, Batura has always caught my fancies since the morning my mom made it for us. It has many memories associated and with each one emerging I can tell a tale!

Pacifying Pooris

When baturas have gone, will pooris be long to come!

Aditi comes up with her own innovative way of making pooris more interesting by adding carrots and spices. They sure look colourful!

I guess Jayashree is watching lot of kids program along with her kid. What else would you say, when she quotes Oswald and relates that to Food?? Well I don't mind if that gets her to make these for the mela. Her Masala Puris look way too good!

JZ comes out with a wonderful plate of Luchis. Pooir masala is favorite at her place and always looks forward to it. So when she makes a change with making Luchi, its more than welcomed!

Priti indulges in her childhood fancy food, the Palak Puri. How true, even my mom used to make these for special occasion and whenever we feel there is something special! I guess its got to do with the colour, and Priti's looks so vibrant!

After seeing this poori from Priyanka, I am seriously tempted. Well what can you expect. This puri has aniseeds and saffron. Well its really a wonderful way to eat the poori!

Roghni roti is another something that Priyanka makes, which is like Kashmiri roti!. Its fried in oil, which makes it more appealing!

Kachodi takes Priyanka back to her school days, when she had spent eating these yummy fried things. Well she has made these more like a roti, served with curry!

Purnima knows the sure way to get the spinach magic into her kids tummy. And that's my making them hide in the poor. Of course, the vibrant colour gives away the secret, but kids love colourful pooris right!!

Shruthi loves poori anytime of the day. But getting bored with plain, she scours her fridge and she eyes the palak cubes that were lying around. Know what they emerged as Palak poori. I know these look so lovely green unlike mine...:)..Yummy 4 Tummy is a beautiful place to lose yourself!

Uma makes another interesting dish, this time using rava to make puris. I have never really used it for pori, though have made the puris for pani puri. But this sounds simply great!

Finally from me, the basic Poori that we make with channa. Then I tried recreating those days when Amma used to make us green puris by adding palak.

And in our gujarathi food fest, I happened to taste Masala Puri and was hooked to it! Not to mention the Luchis, that were so so tempting with Alur Dhom!

Finally revisiting a childhood memory, tried out Coconut Puri which was equally tantalizing!

Next on parade are the Patronizing Parottas!

Well these don't come so mean, it takes a mean hand to get these in shape. But hey each one looks so classically done! Check out the pros in action!

First we have Cham coming out with this beautiful layered Parotta. She has taken great pains in giving all step by step pictures, that even if you are a beginner trying to make these complicated ones, will be a breeze. Thanks cham, yeah I have said before, no harm in repeating, parottas are my favorite!

JZ takes a trip down her memory lane, thinking of that lovely combo she used to have at her cafeteria. Well I must say parottas do make a lovely memory and all the more when you make them and enjoy

Now you got to see to believe, we have a pro amidst us! The Parotta Queen, Kamala may sound very docile, but she comes with a bang, not one type but three for you!

I have always wanted to eat Ceylon egg parotta when I was still eating egg. Then when I stopped, I have always missing tasting this yummy roti. And I have always wondered how they make it! Kamala is one excellent cook and she comes out with such difficult dishes and yet makes them sound so simple!

Next on Kamala's list is the classic Tamil Nadu style parotta. By now my passion for this must be most obvious. So I was trilled getting this entry.

Finally just for this Mela, Kamala makes the famous Veechu parota. Well thank you very Kamala, I am really honored by your friendship and support!

Priyanka tries out parotta for the first time and that too with egg. And she was really excited with the result.

Maheswari makes this awesome kothu parotta from her favorite one from Paati. Not only she enjoyed but her whole family is hooked. So now we can expect her to be making these often!

Ranji's favorite flat bread is Parotta. But few attempts she made, failed and finally we have a graduate in our midsts!..Check out her beautiful pictures which stands to talk about its own beauty!

From me comes the Tamil Nadu Parotta and finally my favorite Kothu Parotta!

Killer Kulchas and Naans!

Now if you remember, I had a mission to do when I announced the Roti Mela. That is to make Kulchas. But as its destined, I never came around having time for them. So when Prema sent in her Kulcha, there won't have been a more happier person than me! And that too with such a tempting picture!

Trying out Naan and its cousins, ended up in a disastrous affair for Jayashree. And yeah all these years she has been taking the easy way out by eating out. But how long do you think this lady who is fond of experimenting with her food, is going to shy away! Finally here comes the perfect Kulchas, that tasted great!

Next one comes from the Yummy Blog. Ok Lak asks the same question as I did. Though she does come out with a yummy dish no matter how much she was confused. I am sure her hubby would've asked her not to bother, as long as she is able to feed him these lovely Onion kulchas!

Finally Asha lands in the perfect Naans as made in Dhabas. Now everybody knows how wonderful Asha's posts are! I almost look forward to the days she posts. And no post has ever left me disappointed! And this one was just superb! You can check it yourself, if you haven't already that is!

Dee from Choos and Chews, what a beautiful name for a blog, comes with a Naan. She loves Indian food, though she hardly cooks it. Since she always gets to eat the Indian stuff just a glance away, she doesn't want to compete. But the mela gets her cooking. I am trilled. 'Cos she tries Naan and it comes out to their liking.

Becoming a pro, comes with its own problem. And this is what Sunshinemom realizes, she is expected to get some classic dishes out in a jiffy every Sunday! Well I don't think she finds it so difficult, as she does with breeze! What can I say for Garlic Naan!

What can I say about these! When Lathamma had posted this, I said I wanted to have these and that's just what she made for me when I met her! It was toooo yummy!

I was very glad when I got a mail from Y.

Y wanted to make sure she sends in an entry for Roti mela, having a passion for Indian breads. Now this is what I call inspiration! And the very fact that an event inspires people to try new things, is the best part of hosting one! Thanks Y, your Naan looks yummy!

Finally from me, my version of Naan. Yeah I have a great passion for Naan too. You ask what else?? Well who can say no to these lovely ones. And since I don't have a tandoori oven at home, I made these over inverted pan and nobody complained!

Alluring Aloo Paratha

Next we are going to get on with Stuffing business. And first thing that comes to mind is the How to stuff an Aloo! No worries, you have many to show you in different flavours!

Aartee sends in her hubby's favorite Aloo Paratha. What I found in this recipe so interesting is that she mixes the stuffing in the flour! No worry to see if you are stuffing well or not..just blend and roll!

Anita finally gets this post out! Yes its her hubby's signature dish in making and she convinced him to make these on her birthday. Now who wants to cook a special meal on their own birthdays, but not everybody is like Mr. Anita to dish out such yummy looking Aloo Paratha!

Anjali adds a flovour to regular Aloo paratha by mixing the dough with palak. Isn't that a great idea. You can have an healthy version and the yummy one too!

Well for the modesty that Anu shows, her parathas are one lookers! And having said, she will try her level best to come with one entry, she has excelled herself. Check out her tempting Aloo Paratha!

Well what can I say about Bhags, she is a bundle of many things. When you least expect, she comes out with something different. This is exactly what happens. I am always glued to her space, reading avidly what she did and what happened Mr. Kanth, yeah the Bond types! This time, she happily makes these versatile roti to please!

These Aloo Parathas are served with a killer combinations with Mutter Paneer. And Cham ensures she makes a tempting one of the Parathas with Aloo!

Jan makes these Aloo Paratha as its her favorite too. But as we know each one makes it different. And this is very different because it only has potato and spices. well its tempting and quick to make!

Kalva's hubby is fond of Aloo Parathas. And is most happy when he sees a plate of yummy aloo paratha served for meal. But Kalva adds mint and methi to make it more exciting. The pictures are so so tempting, am sure her hubby was really trilled!

Laavanya recollects how she used to take long walks to eat these yummy aloo parthas while she was still a student! She tries recreating the magic at home. After many attempts to get the perfect one, she gets help from a friend and finally lands on the perfect one! puffed one looks too good!

Madhu makes an amazing tasting aloo paratha by mixing with the mint leaves, that were lying around in excess. The inclusion of mint in the stuffing takes her taste buds to another level!

Sharmila makes Aloo paratha for their guest. And converted him to an aloo paratha lover! I can imagine that by looking at her pictures!

Well it needed a call from the yonder for this beautiful paratha to find its way to Sunshinemoms place! But I am glad that it did, cos who will want to miss out this beautiful one for a meal!

Check out Swati's exciting Aloo parathe with double dose of Onions. I always love my aloo with lots of onions in it. Her mom is a master in making parathas. So you can be sure what to expect from this kutty!

Ujawal used to refer these Masala Chapathi as she calls, thinking its same as Aloo Paratha. Once having tasted Aloo paratha at a friends place, she knows they are different. Yet it never stopped her from making them again, and enjoys both! Well I must say this is south indian aloo paratha!

Vandy shares her version of aloo paratha and says what her mom used to pack for her, used to always get disappeared the moment she takes it out. Yea looking at those pictures surely makes us reach out!

Now I don't have to say much about Viji. She has a cult following her. Her blog is a place to loss yourself and yet you will be breathless for more! I have always had her recipes and her schedule very motivating and her recipes awesome! Since her blog is private, if you want the recipe you can mail her!

And finally from yours truly. My simple way of making aloo paratha! These have come to rescue many a day winter days! And Summer days too. And in Madras we don't have any other season!

That's all folks, come back for next edition!

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Vedavalli said...


Thanks for collecting and compiling all these recipes. This is going to come in handy!

To all the cooks out here (STUPID but very SERIOUS QUESTIO):. How did you all get started with cooking? I don't mean regular every day cooking - I can fix our meals decently but I seem to lack the creative energy you ALL seem to possess. There's nothing I'd like to do more than whip up my own concoctions but I don't know how and where to start.

How do you all come up with new recipes literally every day? Do I start experimenting by making alterations to regular recipes etc? Thanks for your ideas!

bhagyashri said...

Hi Srivalli, I only had a chance to check out the round up now, since I was out of town. Great job, considering that there are SO MANY entries!
And I would happily make the Thalipeeth for you whenever you want it, just give me an hour's notice before you drop in and I would have them ready for you :)

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