Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Celebrating with Celebration of Dosas!

Technically, today is the day I posted my first post a year ago! Though it took me another month and half to post my first recipe. But whatever, I think today marks one year completion of my dear blog. I never knew this milestone until recently, because I always remember my first recipe post as my first. So this dosa celebrations comes as such an excellent way to celebrate my blog anniversary too.

It all started and ended in such speed, that I just signed up and in no time, I had a blog on hand. Believe me, I never thought much when I was trying out my blog name. But down somewhere it reflects to what I think and do everyday. Seasons personify the different stages in life and hence how we cook for each season. So this blog is my humble way to record my seasonal cooking and hope it attracts people of all seasons.

I wish to thank each and every one of you for all your support and encouragement, I have been getting all these months. I wish it will continue to be so. Thank you for making this place a wonderful outlet for me. I had wanted to post 365 recipes by the one year mark, I have managed only 290. If I consider my first recipe post, I should try to reach that mark, hopefully! Out of these almost 80% are ones I have learnt from my mom and my mother in law. So I am happy my kids will not have to search far to look for our home made dishes. And I have always rejoiced knowing that somebody tried and enjoyed.

Coming to this Mela, I am overwhelmed with the response. I would like to thank each and everyone of you, who have sent in your entries and those who wanted to send but couldn't for various reasons, I understand we do have a life much bigger than this blog. And to all those of you, who are reading this right now!. Without any of you, this is not a success story!

For the Dosa Mela, we have 94 bloggers coming along with 172 entries. Out of these 167 are recipes and rest are generally on Dosa and its beauty. I have categorized the entries as Dosas made with Fermented Batter and those that are instant. Of course, by instant I don't mean right away, though there are some of those too. After all, you got to put in some effort, to get delicious results right.

And apart from those mentioned, we have those that need overnight soaking. I mean those that need soaking over 4+ hrs. I haven't really categorized these very strictly, but these can be made instantly too, within 2 hrs time.

Ok, before that some little technical information about Dosa, though most know what it is.

Dosa is a South Indian crepe, though now its widely available throughout the globe. It is rich in carbohydrates and proteins as its normally made with Rice and Lentil batter.

The different names this is called:

Bangla: Chapri
Gujarati: Pooda / Poodla
Kannada: Dose
Konkani: Pollo
Malayalam: Dosha
Marathi: Ghavan / Dheerda / Amboli
Tamil: Dosai
Telugu: Dosa / Minapattu
Tulu: Dose

Do let me know the other names, will update this list!

Dosa making

Regular dosa batter is made from rice and split, skinned urad bean blended with water and left to ferment overnight. In the dosa batter, the rice is very finely ground. The rice can be uncooked and/or parboiled. The urad bean and rice can be replaced with highly refined wheat flour to make a maida dosa or semolina for a rava dosa.

The batter is then ladled in small amounts onto a hot greased skillet, where it is spread out into a thin circle and fried with oil or ghee until golden brown. The dosa may then be folded in half and served, or it may be flipped to cook on the other side and then served.

Some of the common Dosa Varieties

Sada Dosa - Plain dosa
Ghee Roast - Dosa roasted with lots of ghee and made very thin
Paper Roast - Dosas made like papers.
Masala dosa - stuffing lightly cooked filling of potatoes, fried onions and spices. It wraps the dosa around a onion and potato curry. We now have many other masala filling instead of Potatoes.
Mysore Masala - Red chutney applied to its inside surface along with Potato filling
Rava Dosa - Made with rava or semolina, which doesn't need fermentation.
Wheat dosa - made with wheat flour, and served with coconut chutney.
Vella dosa - a sweet dosai made of jaggery[citation needed], with ghee/neyyi.
Ragi dosa - made of ragi or millet flour, usually considered "a poor man's fare".
Muttai dosai - eggs are added to the regular batter; the word muttai in Tamil means "egg".
Set dose - a popular type of dosa in Karnataka, which is cooked only on one side and is served in a set of two, hence the name.
Neer dosa - a dosa prepared from rice unique to Dakshina Kannada and Uttara Kannada districts.
Pesarattu - a dosa prepared from moong dal; Andhra special. The variations include a) making from soaked whole moong seeds (along with green cover), which gives a greenish tint to the Dosa, and, b) making with yellow coloured moong dal (green cover removed and dal is refined), which gives a fine golden yellow tint to the dosa when roasted. Both these forms are famous in Andhra Pradesh, and are typically served with chutney made from Ginger and Tamarind.
Adai - a dosa prepared from a combination of dals namely Urad, Channa & Moong dal.
Appam - a dosa prepared from a combination of patted rice (Avalakki), rice & yogurt.
- source - wikipedia

Lets get on with the general entries.

Vegeyum through her lens, send us this interesting picture of a Dosa Maker plying his trade. As she was waiting for a train to arrive, all she could do was to capture the delightful picture.

The expertise required to make quick and fast dosas, for customers waiting eagerly to devour them, is one captivating scene. Hop on her blog to catch other interesting pictures. I got to tell you, pictures through her lens come out most beautifully!

Vegeyum was the first to send in her entry and I was so trilled getting my first one. She predicted that I will end up with many, she was so true. Thank you Vegeyum, for your wonderful words.

Jayashree shares with the us the picture of the expert dosa maker.

He is seen making many dosas at a time and served them excellent dosas with such skill during a function at their place.

From Sree comes a beautiful sketch portraying a Grandma making dosas hot hot!...Oh how I remember mine doing the same!. All her sketches are so captivating and this is no less.

Indira, not just content with the enrichment she gives us, with her cooking and knowledge, she has made Saturday a day for us to be enthralled with Sree's talent. So thank you Indira and Sree for the wonderful entry!

Have you ever wondered how easy it would be, if we can get those much needed recipes at a click.

Ramki has done just that. He has created pages with most sought out recipes and compiled as one. So check out his 1001 Instant Dosas!


I hope Lathamma wouldn't mind. She was busy and said I could take all the entries I wanted and I did just that!

Her tips on dosa batter is a must for all of us who ever had any doubts!. Thanks Lathamma for your wonderful tips and ideas. I didn't want to miss out your excellent entries for any cause.


Next comes the Dosas with no fuss, no fermentation but you will have to remember to soak them overnight!

I know all of us prefer the batter to be ready at hand for any quick need. But these do come quite handy, provided we remember on time to soak them overnight. I guess these can be made with about 4 + hours of soaking. But I am going to call these as Overnight Soaked Dosas, cos the authors say so!

For these dosas that require to be soaked overnight, Moong Dal contributes most! And if you are using Rice, its just a smooth batter that's required.

The entries are sorted by Alphabetical order.

Archy makes a green green dosa, that is with a green gram grean dosa. Well there are too many green in that and I simply love green!

This is the simplest we can get with no fermentation!
Cinnamon does a comeback entry with a lovely Onion Pesarattu. These are the ones that she used to order while visiting udipi restaurants. Hey Cinnamon, you sure will have company if we go together!

Not only that, she spends solid time reading through all the dosa Varieties on house. Another dosa lover on sight!
Sunshine mom recounts how a falafel turns into a dosa for my Dosa Mela. Well I am happy she has turned something into a dosa, else how do we ever get to see such a lovely creation!

Falafel is a deep fried ball or patty that is made from chick peas and spices. so I think its cool to make dosas out of these!

I think I have found another dear friend here. Home Cooked always orders Dosas, while all her friends used to order something else. But with all the passion she has, she feels bad that her dosas never come out well. Though, I don't think so looking at her dish.

Well HC, why bother with the hassles of fermenting when we have the versatile Moong Dal. She fell in love with these and she tempts us too!

Here comes no fuss Lady! All her entries were no fermentation, no fuss types. I guess being around her, we will get fed very fast and be most satisfied.

And gals & guys, if you ever get to taste her food, you better be lavish with your praises!

Kalai becomes all healthy and makes an Adai with Horsegram and Moong sprouts! I simply love it cos' its so green!

Such inspirational thinking is most welcome. Horsegram, I heard is very very good for health and if you are going to combine it with Moong sprouts. That makes one ultimately healthy dosa.


Pravs makes this lovely Pesarattu along with Upma. Being an andhrite, I can associate so well with this dish. And it looks so yummy.

Both these together can work out to be an ideal weekend bunch!
Seena comes with another Dal and Rice dosa. The dal can be either Channa dal or Tur dal. I think its excellent.

In the entire list, there are only couple of dosas with tur dal! Thanks Seena

Sushma comes with a dosa recipe that calls for a Cucumber! The cucumber gets ground with the soaked rice and what can be more tasty than that?

And not just that, she serves it with a Coconut and Jaggery Mix. For all you sweet lovers, this is a sure hit!

Ramya finally made it to the mela with a cucumber dosa!...its wonderful to have another cucumber dosa.

She says mangaloreans are known to be dosa lovers. Well I am all interested to know more varieties!

Priya, a non blogger sent me a recipe for coconut Dosa along with an yummy chutney. I made it and we all simply loved it.

Thanks for sharing this recipe with us, Priya.
My Mother in law has always been very innovative and she proved me further by coming up with a dosa that had every dal you can think of.

check out this very innovative dosa from her!
This one is my most favorite dosa that Amma makes so yummy. Its our famour Andhra Pesarattu. I was able to reproduce to far closer effect.

The other dosa called for curds, and I was curious. Works out best when you have extra curds on hand and not sure what to do with it!


Will be back with the entries that have to be fermented, well I got to have them fermenting right. Thank you!

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Divya said...

So glad to be the first one to comment..or so I think!!!Maybe because I've been checking your blog every 10 mts today to check if you've posted the round-up...Mind blowing..thats what I can say!!and what a co-incidence that it marks your first post anniversary!!congrats!!!

Priya Arun said...

This is a great round up.. Happy Anniversary to your blog.

Best Wishes,
Priya Arun

Srivalli said...

Divya, Thanks for the support and enthusiasm...So glad that you have been checking this...And thank you very much for the is indeed a coincidence...

jayasree said...

Congratulations on your first anniversary. U have made the roundup more intresting with the intro to dosas and batter. As always u have come up with a lovely roundup. Happy to note that the dosa entries have crossed 101 mark.
Wishing you many more wonderful blogging years ahead.

Homecooked said...

Wonderful round-up Sri!!! Excellent job.

sra said...

Happy Anniversary, Valli! Very nice round-up! I enjoyed the dosa makers' pix v much.

Rachel said...

wow that is a neatly explained roundup....167 dosas is awesome..just can't wait to see them all!!!

Happy blogversary...if any celbrations at home you know where to leave the invite :D

Raaga said...

happy anniversary... lovely phased round up :-)

ms said...

thanks for being such a gracious hostess srivalli, your round up is thoughtful and detailed. Looking forward to the rest of the roundup!

sunita said...

Sri, congrats on completing a year of blogging, wishing you many's been a pleasure to have known you :-)

And looking at all those dosas, I am now feeling pretty confident that I'll be able to make some too :-D

Asha said...

Congratulations on finishing the first year, my dear friend, hope your blog will be around or a long long time.Hugs!:))

Yay!! Thanks for rounding up the first edition all these yummy dose recipes,I was eagerly waiting for this. I have been cooking from other bloggers like crazy these days, you will see the list in my next post in few weeks. See you then Sri.

Nupur said...

Truly a wonderful celebration. I now have a new dosa recipe to try out every is good! Thanks for the dosa mela, Srivalli!

Happy cook said...

Happy Birthday to your wonderful blog.
290 post in one year, thit is indeed a superb achievment.
And a wonderful way to celebrate the event with the start round up.
Looking forward to the rest.
Now i know were to come for dosa recipes.

Saswati said...

Congrats Srivalli on completing a year:) I have been looking forward to this round up.In Orissa or in oriya language dosa is called can add this to your list:)

vegeyum said...

Happy anniversary to you !

what a great round up. I am so hungry from reading through them. 172 entries! Wow. Congratulations on a great event.

Ben said...

Very informative post. I had never heard of Dosa before, but sounds tasty.
Happy first blogiversary! :D

kamala said...

Congrats on your blog anniversary srivalli.Nice detail and wonderful roundup

Sunshinemom said...

Thanks for hosting and congrats on completing a year of blogging!! That was a beautiful round up - it just gave me so many ways to make dosas, though pesarattu is one of my faves.

Lata said...


I am so grateful to you for initiating this, I could not participate in any of this as I had to avoid Idlis and Dosas due to my Gestational D. But, I know where to stop by for variety of dosas, I am a kind of person who eat and talk about dosa all the time. This is a great great way of putting things together.

I just could not stop myself from Thanking and appreciating for your wonderful work.

Trupti said...

Hello Srivalli,
Congratulations on completing one year of blogging.
167 dosa entries that's good. You gave a nice round up. Waiting for all entries and whishing you more happy blogging years.

Siri said...

Oh, finally the Dosa Queen is back with her goodies..:D.. man, time passed by so quick.. I feel like u have announced abt ur dosa mela just yesterday!... Nice writeup Srii.. as always.. delightful entries.. waiting for more!


Trupti said...

hey srivalli did you get my Ragi & Bitter Gourd Utappa Entry?

Cham said...

Congrats on your first anniversary. Gosh how many entries have u said? Dosas are dominating Sirivalli! Glad to see the first round-up.

Miri said...

Congratulations on your first anniversary! And a great round up - looking forward to the rest! :)

Uma said...

happy anniversary to your blog, Srivalli! the roundup is simply superb. waiting for part 2.

bee said...

i love this event. thanks for all your hard work, dear sri.

Archy said...

Happy Aniversary !! Congrats !!
Lovely round up.. Bookmarked for the instant dosa Recipes !!
Waiting for dosa's to fermment now :P !!

beachbirdie said...

Happy blog anniversary, congratulations on completing this year of blogging!

I discovered your blog only a few weeks ago and have enjoyed greatly! I have learned so much from you. I love your writing, recipes and pictures; I also love your personal stories.

I am new to Indian food but my family has discovered that they love it very much so we are trying to learn all we can. We are fortunate to have an Indian grocery though we live in a small town, and my husband has Indian friends at work. They help us to know when we are doing things right and when we need to change something.

Keep up the good work.

Vanamala said...

Dear Srivalli

Congratulations for your gr8 success :)

Wonderful dosa's really really i missed this event.

Lovely Round-up.....waiting for somemore :)

Mansi Desai said...

a great start to a festival that's gonna be long!! congrats on your anniversary too, and wish you many more successful year ahead Srivalli!:)

Divya Vikram said...

Congrats on your first blogiversary..I was eagerly waiting for the roundup for the past few days..Will have a lot of varieties of dosas at home now..

DK said...

This is what I would call a TREASURE...I hardly make Dosas (and my hubby's 'i dont like dosas' attitude doesnt help either ) and the ones I make have been already posted, reposted and reposted again and the recipe is almost same! But I sure am bookmarking all your pages on this event.

I have to say..I am sooo glad that u did this event...makes 'lazy-make-dosas' ppl like me ( which I think is probably jus me!!) reason to keep making more...This is mind blowing round up.

Congratulations on completing a milestone. It sure must mean so much.....

Kalai said...

Congratulations on your first anniversary, Valli!! Gorgeous roundup, so far. Can't wait for the rest to finish fermenting so we can see those too!! :)

Tee said...

Great post Srivalli! Such a variety of Dosas.
I have told you so many times that i will participate in your events, but for some reason or the other it never happened. Things were really crazy at my end, but now its all over and this time you will definitely see an entry from me in your next event.
COngrats on your blog anniversary!

Skribles said...

Hi Srivalli,

Happy Anniversary to your blog!! Really descriptive round-up! With explanation of different types of dosas etc ... that was really nice ...
Looking forward to the rest of it :)
Thanks for hosting such a nice event!

Richa said...

congrats on the blogiversary sweetie, many more to go!
i can hv dosa for breakfast, lunch & dinner, now i've so many to choose from :)

ANJALI J. said...

thats a nice round up srivalli, keep up the good work...
congrats on ur blog anniversary..

Namratha said...

Congrats on your first year Valli dear, wish u many more! :) I have been waiting for this round up, thanks for categorizing the entries, it definitely is a hugeee help!! Waiting for more Dosas :)

Meera said...

Dear Srivalli,
Congratulations!! You have a lovely blog. Love your posts and recipes.

This is a great round up.

Hey, for the different dosa names -Gujarati - Pooda or Poodla.
& for Marathi - along with Dhirde and Ghavan that you mentioned, there is also "amboli".

Sandeepa said...

Congrats Sri on your Blog turning a year.
Your round up is so very detailed and so fitting for your Blog-ivversary

ServesYouRight said...

Happy Anniversary ! Lovely round-up!

Also, I'm hoping you haven't missed my post (Barley Brown Rice Dosa) :-)


Pravs said...

Happy blog anniversary ! Nice info about the different dosa's and nice round up. Is there more dosa entries to come ?

Nangil Girl said...

Happy blog anniversary!! You have a really good blog. I'm waiting to see the rest of the round-up.

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Congratulations on the anniversary!! And thats a beautiful roundup Srivalli!!! Looking fwd to the rest of the dosas too

Srivalli said...

Thank you all for your wishes. Its been my pleasure in hosting this event!

Priya, Thank you very much for the wishes.

jayasree, Thank you, its my pleasure. And yes I should now have more to choose from

Homecooked, Thank you, I am glad I was able to do on time

sra, Thank you, me too...thats why I wanted these pictures to come in the front!

Rachel, hahah..thank can drop in even otherwise too

Raaga, Thank you

ms, Its my pleasure, I was afriad that I may not do it on time. But its been good going through all of them

sunita, thank you. same here...:)...and yes you now have a variety!

Asha, I am so glad you came. Do come back soon...missing you around. Really, that will be too good. I can choose from that list and cook!

Nupur, Yes indeed. Me too, I am glad everybody liked this

Happy cook, Thank you my dear!...Yes something to keep me going right.

Saswati, thank you!...will surely update the post!

vegeyum, Thank you...and yes even I feel I got to go through all of them again!

Ben, Glad you came. Maybe now you can have something to cook from. Thank you!

kamala, Thank you for your wishes

Sunshinemom, The success is all because of all your enthusiatic participation!..thanks

Lata, Oh thats such a wonderful news, congrats!..Its my pleasure! are welcome!

Trupti, Thank you for your wishes...glad you liked them all

Siri, hahhah...thank you...yeah even I was shocked by the time...more is waiting for you!

Trupti, yes of course!

Cham, Thank you!...I said 167 entries...:)...glad we have them dominating, I like it that way!

Miri, Thank you ...more exciting stuff is on waiting!

Uma, Thank you!...Glad this was very interesting to all

bee, glad you do my friend, I have something just for you!

Archy, yeah yeah I have kept them all in good warm place to come up well!...thanks

beachbirdie, thank you for the wishes. I am so glad you let me discover you, My pleasure that you feel you have learnt!...Thanks for the kind words! keep coming!

Vanamala, Thank you so much...bad you missed it..but thats fine !

Mansi, Thank you for your wishes...

Divya, Glad I could meet the expectations!..

DK, Thank you!..thats bad to now have many to try from

Kalai, Thank you...yeah as I said I am having them just warm..will cook them soon!

Tee, you are a naughty girl, not blogging and get back to regular stuff and participate more..missing you around! know what I am not having any more of those guesses..cos you aren't around!...:)

Skribles, thanks for dropping by...glad you liked it

Richa, thats so nice to know!..thank you for the wishes!

Anjali, thank you!

Namratha, Thank you..yes else it wouldn't be fun right!

Meera, thanks for the names, and glad you like the recap!

Sandeepa, hey bongmom, glad you came!...waiting for the rci round up and..yes thank you for the wishes

Smita, thank you!..and of course can I..:)

Pravs, Thank you!..glad you foind them good..and you bet!..I have another 100 to present!

NG, thank you...glad you contributed

Ramya, thank you...will be out with it soon!

Cinnamon said...

First, let me wish you on completing one successful year of blogging..
And that was a wonderful info about dosas... now I have found someone, who loves dosas as much as I do...
And that was a lovely round-up, and waiting for the fermented part :)

LG said...

Congratulations on your blogiversary! and I am waiting to see fabulous dosas under one blog! Gr8 round up!

SMN said...

Hey Srivalli Hats off nice round up that was with a nice write up...

renuka said...

Congrats on your acheivement Sri,an excellent round-up and I've decided to try all the new ones and bookmarked it too

Padmaja said...

Valli!! Congrats and heres to many many more to come!!
And what a way to celebrate your 1 yr with a mela!!
So wished to send something over but missed the deadline dear!!!

Prajusha said...

sri,Congrats on ur first anniversary..Lovely round up

arundati said...

happy anniversary valli!! the dosa mela is off to a super roundup!!

Jayashree said...

Congratulations on completing a year, Sri....gr8 round-up....thx.

ranji said...

hey happy anniversery!!!thats a great round up...lovely recipes...waiting to see rest of the dosa entries.

Roopa said...

Hi srivalli, !! you did an excellent job about the round up:) Yeah dosa being a versatile subject:) as there are lots of varieties:) lovely information and round up:) Happy anniversary too!! though a little belated:) sorry abt that:) Loved reading through the description of the round ups:)

SHUBHA said...

Wow the round up looks mind blowing.... ur the queen of patience.... love u sri.... very very nice one...:) i was wondering y no one posted chatti dosai... my mom used to make it often... i wasnt keeping a track of event so was completely unaware of this dosa event.... hope it happens again...:( i came to know about this mela only on the last date and was too late to send any entries.... let me know if i can still send any entries.... would love to...:) thanx a lot..
keep doing the good work...:D

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