Microwave Curries & Gravies Round up

I almost forgot that I was yet to do the round up of the entries that came in for MEC Curries and Gravies. Only when I felt I was yet to do something, I had a look at my pending emails did I realise this overlook. So before I could do anything else, I thought I should get this round up done.

I know Microwave Easy Cooking Event is not really an event where I get flooded with entries but I always end up feeling happy with the entries that come by way. I have few friends who always support me and each time I get an entry from them, I feel so excited.

Before I go, of course this month it is being hosted by  Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal themed on Rice. Do check on the details and send us your entry.

Now lets see what we have for Curries and Gravies.!

First we have a rich Paneer Makhane made entirely in mw from Deeksha

Then from Nivedita comes a potato curry that reminds her of her mom's cooking.

Next comes Priya Suresh with two entries, Batata Humman made in mw & Zucchini Moru Curry

Richa Priyanka sending us a peas and carrot kurma

If those are not enough, then check out MW Kofta Curry made by Supriya

Then from me a Mixed Vegetable Kurma

Next we have two non veg entries.

A great looking bowl of prawns from Sudeshna
Sukanya sends in Microwave green chicken curry

I know the entries were less but I do hope I haven't missed any entry!

Thank you for sending in and I hope you make these and enjoy! Have a great weekend ahead.

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