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Kobbari Kudumulu are one of the most delicious festival dishes that can taste. Konda once had a chapter that talked about melting Kolukattai and was ever curious to know how and what this dish was. Every time she asks me, I used to tell her that she ought to wait for the Ganesh Chavathi for tasting this dish. She was also eager to try her hand at making these.

For this year's Vinayaka Chavathi, along with me, it was Konda who did the major work of making these pretty Modek in the shape of garlic bulbs. The recipe is pretty much the same as I had already posted. But I wanted to make sure I had the step by step pictorials as many of you had asked for them.

Kobbari Kudumulu recipe that is already posted is the way I did this time too.

We normally use home made Rice made Flour for making these Kudumulu. Heat water and slowly add the rice flour to make the dough.

Immediately transfer to a bowl and cover with a wet muslin cloth until you use it. This is very important for getting the soft modek layer.

Meanwhile get the stuffing ready by making a syrup with Jaggary and grated coconut. Keep it aside once ready.

When you are ready to make the modek, knead the dough well. Divide into small balls.

 Grease the Kudumulu press or shapes with oil.

It looks like a garlic bulb.

 Close like this

Insert the dough into the press, dip your finger into oil and press your finger inside to form a hollow shape
 Like this..

Scoop out a teaspoon of stuffing into the hollow

 Press well. Then take a small piece of dough and cover the top.

 Gently remove from the opening

 Once done place them on the plate for steaming.
 Two done!

 Steam the kudumulu for 15 minutes.

We had fun time making this together. Towards the end I was impatient and made with hand too. While Konda continued doing it.

Have a great week ahead. I will be traveling and will try to schedule some posts if possible else catch you once I am back.

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