Making Rice Flour at home ~ Indian Basics for Cooking

Unlike years before, these days my Mondays are coloured by satisfaction I get over the quality of work done over the weekends! Its been many weeks since I had a Saturday off, even otherwise nothing much gets done. So naturally I am prone to Monday blues. Well I am no in school or college, to get that kind of trepidation and butterflies running around in the tummy on reach of the date! To be frank I used to get that feeling on Sunday nights during scholar days. Its utterly ridiculous to expect the same to happen now.

I panic when I don't see such feelings expressed by Konda. She is least bothered that today is Monday. Maybe she gets upset that her holiday was over. Talking about holidays, Peddu on getting up on Sunday morning exclaimed and proclaimed that it was a holiday to them and we ought to go to "Ooru". Hubby dear sorely regrets ever taking them out every other weekend. Result was, though he managed an escape for a while, back home he ended up taking us for a tour round the city. In the end, Peddu wasn't happy that he wasn't taken for a tour. Well, we can't have everything to our liking or so we told. Not that a soon to be 3 kid will understand that!

Coming back to my satisfied state, I was happy getting more than couple of dishes ready this weekend. Its far better than what work had progressed during the past months. Naturally it really got me happy. Not only was I able to get to make a dish that I ate as a child, it was liked by Konda. What more can I ask for? Yes that's for the book. So naturally the positive response from her made me extremely happy.

Over the weekend I was reminded again on the fact that I have been lagging in post on Indian Basics. I actually planned on doing one per week. Not sure where all those weeks have gone. Can you believe today gets us to the middle of the month!

And what's more I totally forgot that my Spice your Life completed 1 year this month! Though I haven't been able to spend or write so much as I did in this blog, I really love those quality information that I was able to get from my Dad. The posts may be less, but it packs more value than I can think.

As it seem customary to celebrate an occasion with something worth remembering, I have announced an event. Please do check it out and join in!

Coming back to our post for today, its all making making Rice flour at home. I know getting a ready made flour makes life much simpler, but I am all for making it at home. One thing is you get really fresh flour. Second is you get more and of course third is the satisfaction that you ground it at home. I know all these because I was really thrilled knowing I was making it at home. I always remember Amma making it at home. And I always thought that way wasn't mine. But guess what I simply loved to feel that damp rice flour as it got ground in the mixer!

The rice flour is used in many dishes in Indian Cuisine. We make Biyam Roti (Rice Roti), Murukus, Puttu, Ariselu and many more.

4 cups Raw Rice yields 6 cups of rice flour.

Wash the rice and soak it for 15 - 20 minutes. Drain the rice and spread it on a cloth for shade drying.

After 30 mints, grind to a smooth powder in your mixer. Take 1 cup at a time and run it and stop in intervals. Else your jar can get very hot.

Pass it through a sieve to get the fine powder. And grind again until you get the most of your rice into fine powder.

If you are not going to make a dish out of it right away, store it in an air tight container after its cooled enough.

Another way of making this is by lightly roasting the rice over hot pan for few minutes, grinding it to a fine flour once its cooled. This way you can store for longer days.

Making flour at home is so convenient as it only takes about 15 mins to soak and another 15 mins to dry. And your dish is bound to come out tasty.

I leave you here, wishing for a great week ahead. Of course do take a look at my Spice your Life and join in the fun!