Vinayaka Chavithi Subhakanshalu | Ganesh Chaturthi Greetings | Festival Dishes for Ganesh Chaturthi

"Vinayaka Chaturthi Subhakanshalu to all my readers!"

This year with kids grown up, we had fun with them asking us every other moment when God Ganesh is going to come home. With their father telling them that they should get dressed up soon to welcome the God, they were ready in no time. 

So it was with difficulty that we dodged them to leave for the market. I went along with hubby dear to the market to get the Ganesh Idol. I made sure I took the camera to click few market pictures. Konda was upset that she wasn't called. But with two Idols we knew we can't manage her too. We got for Amma also.

Our Idol this year decorated with flowers and offered with fruits, his favorite sugar cane, Fresh Bajra

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Neivedyam for Lord Ganesha! ~ From Left Front to Right Poli, Purnam Kudalu, Pidi Kolukattai (Salt), Sundal, Sesame Laddos, Puffed Rice with Jaggary & Fried Gram.

This is what Amma made, Konda and I helped her in making these Kudumulu, Nugul untallu ~Sesame Laddoo, Sweet Pidi Kolukattai

A scene on the market front..

Lots of Idols ready on the display..

Ganesh Idols in different sizes..

Grass, other flower garland for the Lord.

Busy Market scene..

Locals looking at different things to be bought..

You can see kids selling the flowers and Umbrellas for the God.

A young boy carrying the Idol to home..

Neivedyam prepared by Amma.

Our neighbor got a big Idol, such pretty one!

Will be back with recipes tomorrow..

Do share how you celebrated.

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