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The morning rush hours really demand you be on toes with dishes are all planned. While I was proud that I was always planning my menu, there are days when I lax on them a bit. Also there are days when Konda never wants what I plan for her. I never thought there will be a day when she will refuse Dosa for any meal, but it has indeed happened!

So the breakfast dishes have taken a turn and really cause me so much tension, trying to make something that she will eat. These days she is got more fond of bread. So every other day its either Bread Pizza, Bread Jam, or any of the many things one can think with bread slices that a 9 year old can eat.

I also decided that she can't refuse Aloo Paratha for lunch. It at least twice a week, its either Aloo paratha or Paneer Paratha. Thats when I found the Microwave to be a blessing. All I need is a potato for the paratha. While it was such a tough job previously, trying to pressure cook it and fighting with it to get cooked on time, after finding out the ease with which one can boil/bake potatoes, I have never looked back!

Thanks to the Microwave Chef, I now have maximized the usage of Microwave to the next level! Aloo paratha gets done in flat 7 mins, yes I have timed it of course. 

See this is how soft it turns out after being baked. Refer the Easy Aloo Paratha for this quick dish to be made.

Take the potatoes that you want to boil. Wash well and cut lightly with a knife. This is needed to ensure the potatoes don't burst out. The cuts can be a light strike through the potatoes.

For 1 medium potato I normally Micro for 4 mins. But with 4 big potatoes you can micro for total 7 - 8 minutes. Keep the potatoes on the turn top and set the timing.

Once done, the skin will shrink. You immediately place the potatoes in water for 2 mins and peel the skin. The skin peels off very easily when it is still warm. But be careful with the heat.

Potato peeling was very so easy! See how nicely it has come off.

The Baked Potato Patties were made faster this way!

The other vegetables that gets quickly boiled and saves loads of time are Drumstick and Arbi etc. These days almost all vegetables get boiled the same way.

Boiling Drumbstick for the Sambar, makes the job such a easy breezy thing!

Boiling Arbi / Colocasia is normally a tedious process as it takes a while to get boiled. But micro cooking does the job quite simple. All the Arbi dry sautes can be done so easily now.

All vegetables will have to be just immersed in water, no salt should be added while boiling. Micro for 10 mins. If you are unsure of the time, micro for 5 mins and increase gradually.

This naturally becomes an essential part of 365 days of Microwave Cooking!

Hope all of you are planning for the Potluck Party this month!, expecting you all there..

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