Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Microwave Easy Cooking with Gravies - Round up and next Theme!

I am back with the favorite post of mine that happens every month. Rounding up all the lovely entries sent in for the Microwave Easy Cooking, is always a pleasure that I enjoy so much. Revisiting all the bloggers, one final time before posting it, is a sure way to learn so many great things about each person. December has been an eventful month for me.

Coordinating for Arusuvai Friendship chain has been fun, what with the many emails we ended up exchanging. This also lead me revisit my old drawings and made me remember my other passions. I haven't taken a paint brush for well over 10 years now. But simple cartoon sketches are something I enjoy much. The simple joy of youth brings back so many fond memories and I was misted seeing these again. Tom & Jerry cartoons are my childhood favorites, not to say I don't watch them now any more. But webbing a love story between them, was something that I really enjoyed at that time. So I wanted to share them with you all. But more than anything, I loved showing them to my daughter, who was really so trilled and kissed me many times on seeing them. That, I think is a reward enough to fill my heart for many centuries to come. I was also so happy visiting my parents. All these left me with no time for me to dish up for my own event. But I am sure we all can benefit more by just looking at the array of dishes that came this time.

But before that, let me announce the theme for next month. Lets do Tiffins for the month of January 2008!. I am sure this should not be difficult. Anything that's light meal that you have for breakfast or evening times or what you think is light for you, also fits the bill. Send in as many ever you want by 31st January 2008, with Subject line MEC: Tiffin! Check out here for more details.

Lets now move on to check out the entries that came this month.

Easyindianfood from 100% Microwave Cooking brings us simplified recipes of great dishes...

Try out the Aloo Mutter Sabzi Without onions

Always stayed away from tempting Malai and fried ingredients?..Then you got to check out Malai Kofta out of MW without frying and all the other hassles.

If you want more, then check out Kadai Paneer. This is another of my favorite way of eating paneer, imagine that getting done in MW, so easily!

And if you are looking for some Kootu, then this is a must try for you!

Thanks EC, for sending across all these entries. Its a pleasure seeing a blog dedicated to Microwave Cooking.

Vanamala brings us a beautiful Vegetable Makhanwala. Vegetable simmered in a rich tomato gravy. This is a sure way to enjoy Veggies.

Be sure to check out her Iyengar Special

Bee brings us a dish from past! I am in a hurry no doubt. This beautiful colourful looking dish is sure to melt hearts!

If you haven't gone nuts yet, you will surely go nuts over the beautiful entries that came in clicked. Be sure to vote your favorite at their site!

Viji was kind enough to send one, though she just came back from her trip. And anything from Viji, you can cook blindfolded!

Just looking at the Methi Mutter Malai, is sure enough to make you hurry to kitchen!

She made it sound so simple, that anybody can try it in jiffy!


Dhivya, says she was all evilly one fine day and wanted to indulge in something that's sinfully rich. Well I would say, its not just she who got evil. Looking at the picture and the recipe, for sure make everybody one.

Come and enjoy the rich Shahi Paneer in Minty Cashew Gravy, its a sure way to succumb to

I love getting entries from Siri, they sound so playfully young and merry just like her!

Check out her Aloo Palak, something which I have never attempted to eat till now. But her picture and simple method sure tempts me to try!

If its one dish that I haven't prepared on own, its this. Amma makes wonderful Aavial but somehow I have never attempted to prepare on own.

So getting this dish from Siri is sweet surprise indeed!


Next comes from the lovely Bindiya from In Love with Food, well I am in love with her dishes. They sure look so tempting and rich!

She creates a magic with Mushroom and is sure winner! The dish is so simple and sounds very delicious. This is a must try on list!

Now we have parval coming all the way from Creative Pooja. The first time I visited Pooja's blog, I was stunned. I was humbled by her creativeness and her talents! I was surprised that I had not seen her beautiful blog before. So it was really a sweet surprise when I got this entry from her.

She says, had she known about this event earlier, she would've sent in lot many. I feel sad that this event lost many wonderful entries from a very talented cook! Pooja, not to worry, kindly do excel yourself by dishing up wonderful dishes for the forthcoming themes!


We have Paru bringing us Broccoli Pepper Kootu from the beautiful blog called Brindavan! As the name goes, you will find authentic recipes here and is sure place to get lost!

Though her blog is just 2 months old, you will find many authentic Karnataka dishes. I am sure Asha would've been happy to meet Paru a bit earlier!


Well last but not the least, we have Asha coming with a colourful gravy for the event. I was sad that she missed, but the darling that she is, she was able to squeeze in.

Thanks so much Asha, for the wonderful dish. MEC is not complete without an entry from you!


With the hurry and excitement that Ashu had, on leaving for her vacation, she forgot to send me this entry. And I guess I forgot to check out when this didn't reach me! Sorry about missing your entry Ashu, hope this late entry still gives the readers a chance to visit your beautiful blog

How can we miss out this beautiful Prawn curry coming out of Microwave. This is the first a non-veg post has made its to microwave event. And I am looking forward to see many more.

Please let me know if I have missed out any entry.

Thank you everybody for your wonderful contribution. Looking forward to next month's entries.
Do try out these dishes and let me know if they were helpful!

I wish all my friends and dear readers, a warm and happy New year once again. Explore, Enjoy and live happily!

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easycrafts said...

Thats a neat and lovely round up ..great job. and you can count on me for the next theme tooo..

Vanamala said...

Wow beautiful round up.... and nice theme too.

Siri said...

That was a very sweet roundup Srii..:)

Glad u liked my entries..and thanks to U, I started using my MW for cooking main course meals..:D

Love the Tiffin theme too!

~ Siri

Bharathy said...

Very lovely roundup Valli!..High time I use my MW for cooking than reheating every time!..

Pravs said...

Thanks for this roundup. Can make more MW dishes now :) Happy new year to you and your family.

bhags said...

nice roundup Srivalli, i always turn up empty handed to this event....i hope someday, ill also be able to participate in it...

Richa said...

yummy round up.
Best wishes for 2008!

anusharaji(www.talimpu.com) said...

happy new year srivalli

Linda said...

Dear Srivalli,

What a wonderful few posts I have just been reading -- the touching story of your visit home, your favorite things about 2007, and this great collection of easy micro. dishes! I don't use the microwave for cooking much. I should take a lesson here and hopefully can contribute something for your easy cooking in 2008 :)

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Happy New Year! :)

Tee said...

What a great round up! I must try some of these recipes out...have been out of the loop for so long, but will try my best to come up with something for the next theme. :)

bindiya said...

Great roundup indeed, now let's get working on those tiffins!!! lol

satya said...

Happy new year to you and your family Srivalli.A very nice round up as usual.

Sagari said...

yummy gravies valli nice roundup

Nags said...

this is one event i can never participate cuz i dont have a microwave. nice round up though :)

have a wonderful new year!

Vcuisine said...

Your titbits adds more taste to those dishes Valli. Nice round up. Tiffen is my favorite subject. Let me find out how to contribute. Shall i send you the full recipe after posting? Take care. Viji

Jayashree said...

Good round-up Sri....and nice theme for the next one.
I actually did make bread upma in the mw this morning b4 i saw your theme....so i don't have any pics....guess i'll take some pics next time i make it and then post.

Sig said...

Great round up Srivalli, somehow I've never gotten around to this event so far, guess I don't put my microwave oven to good use :( It is great to see so many recipes though!

Srivalli said...

ec, Thanks. Looking forward to your entries

Vanamala, Thank you...hope you will dish up something for this!

Siri, glad you liked it...Its great to know that you are cooking regularly...wish we all make proper use of mw!...

Bharathy, Thank you...yes, hope you can spend some time this month and think of something for this event!

Pravs, thank you...Do try to think of something for this theme! Wish you a very happy new year!

bhags, thank you...hope you will dish up something this month!

Richa, Thank you..Wish you a great year ahead!

Raji, Thank you and wish you a great year ahead

Linda, thank you so much for taking time to read all the post. Makes me feel so good..Do take time and dish up something this month!..Thank for the wishes. Wish you and your family a great year too

Tee, Great to see you after a long time. Hope you will come up with something this month!

bindiya, thank you..yeah I like that spirit!

satya, thank you. Wish you a great year ahead.

Sagari, thank you

Nags, I understand..nice of you to support though!

viji, Thanks for the comments. Please do send across...will be glad to have your entries..

Jayashree, oh..then pls do cook that again and remember to take a snap!..LOL

Sig, Thanks...hope you will find time to dish up something this month!

Pooja said...

THe round up is awesome :) . thanks a lot for kind words about me. looking fwd to participate in next theme :D, stay tuned and keep coming on lbog for more

Srivalli said...

Pooja, its a pleasure indeed!...looking fwd to lovely entries from you!

satya said...

Hi Srivalli,
I tried your link to viji's Vcuisine.But could'nt get through.Can you please guide me?Sorry to trouble you.Thank you.

Srivalli said...

satya, Viji's blog is now private, If you have been her regular reader, maybe I can ask her to send you an invitation! Let me know your email address!

Srivalli said...

Hi Satya, my email id is there in the header as "want to ..." I have deleted your recent comment as it had your email Id. I will mail Viji your email and let her know. If you have been her regular reader, she will send you the invite..

ranchikud said...

Thanks for adding the last minute entry Sri! I completely missed sending the mail ;-)

Srivalli said...

Ashu, you are most welcome!

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