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It was waiting for me when I went home one evening. You have some packet said Athamma. I wondered what it was. When I saw a pouch couldn't understand what it might be. Then it struck me, oh yes the packet from Renuka. She had sent a mail asking if I have received the packet she had sent. I was so held up in work, that I completely forgot to ask when I reached home. All were eager to know what it was. I opened and saw some flour in yellow colour. Athamma was all eager to know what this was all about. Hubby explained that its something sent with which I will have to cook something new.

Well so easily said, if only he knew my plight. Athamma asked what the content was. By looking at the yellow colour, I said that it might be Basan/Chickpea flour. So many options opened up for me and I could imagine something wonderful other than the regular pakodas or bajjis being cooked up from that. Imagine my confusion on opening, I found myself feeling on a silky texture and knew it was custard powder! My Athamma and Konda were more interested in the pouch that carried the packet. They started imagining what they might carry in that! Athamma wanted to carry her jewels while konda wanted to carry her play things. I guess each one to their idiosyncrasies!

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I received a nice note from Renuka with a beautiful pouch containing the surprise ingredient.

I always liked touching a custard powder or corn flour, but other than making custard, have never really tried anything. This was an excellent opportunity for something new. I remembered the many times that I had enjoyed Amma's excellent custards and another recipe given by Amma's friend. She was an excellent cook but very stringy in sharing her recipes. She was of the opinion that one should safeguard their recipes and could never believe that Amma or I share ours so freely. I can imagine her shock if she visits my blog. The dish she made, was so delicious milkmaid and Marie Biscuits. I have long since wanted to try it. But things never work out as we want right. Hubby dear devised a plan which proved hard for me to enter this kitchen this Sunday, but I was hard pressed. I was determined that this custard gets to be something by this Sunday. So racked my brain for something nice and interesting. I have always seen Malpuas flashed across Custard cookbooks and they looked so delicious. But never really got down to do it.

First few details on Malpuas for myself.

Malpuas are banana fritters that are commonly served as a dessert or a snack in the Indian state of Orissa. They are also popular in other parts of eastern India, such as Bihar.

The batter for Malpuas are prepared by crushing ripe bananas into a pulp, adding flour, and either a little water or milk. The mixture is delicately seasoned with cardamoms. It is deep fried in oil, and served hot. In one version of the recipe, enough sugar is added to the batter to sweeten it before frying, as is done in Bihar, whereas in another method more prevalent in Orissa, the fritters are dipped in sugar syrup after frying, instead.

There are other variations of Malpua, where bananas are replaced with pineapples or mangoes.
Source - Wikipedia

Ok now if it can be replaced with other fruits why not with custard!

So here's what I did with the Custard sent to me. It called for Raspberry and Vanilla. I just used Vanilla for both. I trust that's what I got. I have never tried anything other than Vanilla or Mango Custard.

Preparation : 5 mins
Cooking Time : 10 mins.

Ingredients Needed:

For Malpua

Custard powder - 1/2 cup
All purpose Flour - quarter cup
Rice flour - 1/4 cup
Sugar - 3 tsp (Heaped)
Soda bicarbonate - pinch
Curd - 3 tsp
Ghee/ Oil for frying
Nuts and Raisins 2 tbsp

For custard:

Milk - 2 cups
Sugar - 1/2 cup
Custard powder - 1/4 cup
Cardamom pw - 1/2 tsp

Method to prepare:

For Malpua

Mix the flours and custard, sugar, soda and curd. Beat well to form a thick batter. Add little water if too thick. When you beat it, you will get a thick smooth batter. So try avoiding water as much as possible. Too much water can soak oil. Mix in half the chopped nuts and raisins to the batter. This need not rest, the consistency for soft malpuas are beating it well.

Heat oil. Once its hot, take a small ladleful of batter and gently put into the oil. It will nicely rise up. Turn to other side and cook well.till golden brown. Drain to a kitchen towel. Transfer to a serving bowl or tray.

For Custard

Dilute custard pw with 1/2 cup milk and boil the remaining milk with cardamom powder.

Remove from fire add the sugar and diluted custard pow and return to the fire.

Sim and cook for 2 min stirring constantly. Remove from the fire and pour over the fried malpuas.

Sprinkle the remaining nuts and raisins and serve hot.

It just tasted so great.

I had a neighbor dropping in and when she tasted, she couldn't believe that it was prepared at home. I felt really happy seeing her wonder struck face.

This was the simplest dessert I have ever prepare except of course bread halwa. Malpua is something that's going to be prepared again. Thanks Renuka for making me prepare this.

I am sending a surprise ingredient to Kamini and Anita. Both of them were so sweet enough to accept it from me. I am yet to choose what to send, but have to really think hard on what can be difficult to experts like them!

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