3 Ingredient Nutella Ice Cream | How to make Nutella Ice Cream

For the final day under Ice Creams, I took a short route and ended up using Nutella for making a chocolate ice cream. As most of you know, chocolates are my kids favorite and we stock about 2 bottles of Nutella and Chocolate Syrup always.

Our addiction is so much that we add chocolate sauce on a chocolate frosted cake, with chocolate chip. Now that's quadruple chocolate treat right! We wont mind actually. I know Hubby dear gives weird looks at us, while we are indulging in our chocolate dose, we never really bothered.

As with Mango Ice Cream, I decided to freeze in single serve so that its easy to give it to the kids. I used silicon muffin mold and it was easy removing the frozen ice cream as well.

My niece and elder sil were observing me clicking away these and once I was done, I couldn't resist asking if they wanted to eat it right away. They were so thrilled to have this treat for breakfast and said it tastes so delicious. Obviously knowing Nutella has gone in, it would surely be good.

While there are so many recipes for a fool proof Ice cream recipe and one can actually spend hours reading on how a perfect ice cream is made, my recipes this week were meant to showcase easy and simple treats to kids. Afterall why would they bother how tedious the whole process was, if the end result was to their liking. And thats what I decided to do, even though I had some complex and different flavours in mind.

I know that I might not venture out again to make those flavours if not for a BM theme. Hoping I would still do that and make those different flavours I have in mind.
Nutella Ice Cream

Ingredients Needed:

2 Ingredient Ice Cream - 1 cup
Nutella - 1/2 cup

How to make Nutella Ice Cream

Blend the prepared Ice cream with nutella and freeze again.

I froze it in single serving moulds and it was easy to handle.

Garnish with chips and sauce.

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