Announcing Cookie Mela & Cookbook Giveaways!

After the mind blowing Indian Thali Mela, I needed some time to just breath. I am yet to complete collecting details for the eBook I promised. So that's another interesting thing that can happen soon.

I realized I was late when I started getting emails on the next mela. So here's the next one. I thought making cookies will be an exciting thing, considering schools reopened in some parts of the world, while some closed down for vacation.

So you are invited to send in all sorts of Biscuits, Cookies, Shortbread etc

According to Wiki, a basic biscuit (cookie) recipe includes flour, shortening (often lard), baking powder or soda, milk (buttermilk or sweet milk) and sugar. Common savory variations involve substituting sugar with an ingredient such as cheese or other dairy products. Shortbread is a popular biscuit in the UK.
And when it comes to Indian versions, some are not actually baked, they are even deep fried as in Thekua.

From now till July 31st, cook/bake anything that is a Cookie/ Biscuit, pack them to me!
Any questions, please send them to

The Cookbooks Giveaway!

The giveaway is closed. Check out the Winners

Taste of Home: Cookies: 623 Irresistible Delights

Modern Spice: Inspired Indian Flavors for the Contemporary Kitchen
By Monica Bhide

The last date for the giveaway is July 10th


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