Indian Thali Mela Round up

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would get 120 entries when I announced Indian Thali Mela. Of course I have to thank my Blogging Marathon friends for being so good enough in making so many thalis. In the same beat I can't but appreciate the other bloggers who took up the challenge of cooking so many dishes and presenting it so well.

To all of you, my heartfelt thanks. I am so glad you all made the blog birthday celebrations a huge and grand one. 

As I said I am planning on publishing an eBook with the entries. I know this is one book that will so helpful.

The list of thalis will be a combination of both Breakfast and for a full meal. It's left to you to make it either a lunch or an elaborate Dinner.

Thalis are such integral part of all Indian Cuisines. We represent our culture and food fancies in a thali with as many dishes as one can make.

There are different occasions that demand different preparations. The Thali components differ based on the occasion. If it is a festival feast, the dishes are different than the one put together for a celebration thali. For some, it was a learning experience too. Some were surprised to that that we have a Breakfast thali in South India.

I have learnt about so many different cultures, traditions from each of the entry that came for the Mela. I hope you will enjoy the fair