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The other fillings used in making Kozhukattai / Steamed Modak for Ganesh Chathurti are with Bengal Gram filling made with Jaggary and Roasted Sesame Seeds with Jaggary filling.

As a tradition, Athamma makes Poli for all festivals. So I decided to make Polis and also Kozhukattais trying to follow both customs. So I made sure I had some purnam for the steamed modhak also. The purnam is very similar to the way we make the purnam for Poli. Only difference being the filling is made into very small balls, to be stuffed into rice flour dough.

So for the second day that we had Ganesha at home, I made Steamed Modak with Channa dal, Uppu Kozhukattai and Fried Modak Tamilian version

Kadalai Paruppu Purana Kozhukattai | Channa Dal filled Steamed Modak

Wash and soak the bengal gram for 10 mins. Then covering with enough water, pressure cook for 3 - 4 whistles or till the dal is soft.
Add melted jaggary to the boiled dal and continue to cook till the moisture is all evaporated.

Make into small balls for filling in the rice flour dough.
Pinch out small balls, flatten the rice dough, place the channa dal and enclose as regular modaks.

Steam for 10 mins and allow to cool before handling.

Ingredients Needed:

For the purnam

Bengal Gram dal - 1 cup
Jaggary, grated - 1 cup
Cardamon - a pinch

Check out how to make the Outer layer for the Kozhukattai

How to make make the Channa dal Kozhukattai

Wash and soak the bengal gram for 10 mins. Then pressure cook till soft.

In another pan melt jaggary, remove impurities if any. then add the melted jaggary to the dal and continue cooking till the water is all evaporated.

Allow to cool and grind to a smooth paste.

To make sure that the stuffing is of right consistency, heat it in a non stick pan for all the mix to get dry.

Pinch out small balls from the rice flour dough, place a small filling in and shape as Kozhukattai.

Once you have enough of these done, steam for 15 mins.

Sesame Seeds Filling | Ellu Kozhukattai

Sesame Seeds - 1/2 cup
Jaggary - 1/2 cup

This is mostly made as Ellu Undrundai. As an optional filling, the same laddos are used for filling in Kozhukattai.

Proceed as you would do the regular kozhukattai. Flatten the rice disc, place a small laddo, cover the balls shaped as kozhukattai.

Steam these again for 15 mins.

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