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Next in the series of Ganesh Chaturthi Special Recipes, is Ulundhu Kozhukattai or Uppu Kozhukattai.

This is a savory dish made with the rice flour dough stuffed with a savory mix of Urad dal ground with green and red chilies. After all the sweet modak / Kozhukattai offered to God, I am sure he needs a savory one to make a pleasant combination.

I made extra for the Mani Kozhukattai also, which is to be followed. The Uppu Kozhukattai were very spicy and tasty. This was  my second day neivedyam. I made Channa Dal Kozhukattai, Uppu Kozhukattai and Fried Modak.

This is a very healthy snack as this has Urad dal and also steamed.

 Step By Step Picture Recipe

Ingredients Needed

For the outer Rice flour dough, make as I showed in the Fried Modak.

For the Urad Dal filling.

Urad Dal / Ulundhu - 1 cup
Green Chilies - 2 -3 medium
Red Chili - 2
Curry leaves few
Hing / Asafetida
Salt to taste
Turmeric powder a pinch
Oil - 1 tsp

How to make Ulundhu Kozhukattai:

Soak Urad dal for 2 hrs Drain and grind along with green chilies, red chilies, salt, hing, curry leaves to a coarse mix

We can make it two ways.

Easy way:

Simply roast the ground mix in 1 tsp oil in a non stick pan till the Urad dal is cooked well.

Steamed method.

Once ground, make flat discs and steam for 10 mins.

Then grate to a fine powder, fry in a non stick pan using 1 tsp, add turmeric powder.

When the filling is ready, make the outer layer with the rice dough.

Pinch out a small ball of rice dough, grease your palm with oil, flatten the dough to a small disc. Place a spoonful of savory filling, close the disc as a half moon. Press on the edges in a crisscross way, to make sure the filling doesn't come out.

When you are done with all of them, steam them for 10 - 15 mins.

Once done, allow it to cool before handling.

Will be back tomorrow with another delicacy

Have a great weekend

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