Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Microwave Easy Cooking Potluck Party 2009 ~ Next Edition!

Months roll by so very fast! I can sense the heads that are nodding right now! Well its already September today! August was the month I started Microwave Cooking Event 2 years back. Last year I had a Party celebrating the month and I thought I would do the same this year too. Had this been a party in real time, I am sure it would've been a roaring success. Not that its not now anyways.

We have some awesome 30 dishes being bought to the party all made in microwave! With few sending more than 1 this was indeed a great round up to create. Priya sent in 8 different dishes that can be made in microwave. She makes it seem such a plaything to use microwave. Naina with her friends, sends in 6 lovely entries. She is a new blogger and it was intersting to check out the different collections she has. Lata Raja and Saritha sent in 3 each.

Ladies, without you all this party would've lacked so much fun!

And before I go further, the next edition due to unforeseen reasons, will be hosted right here. And I decided not to torture my dear friends by asking them for a specific theme. So its going to be any dish thats prepared in Microwave!

Please read the Microwave Easy Cooking Details and mail me your entries by 30th September 2009 to

Now lets celebrate the party!


Soups, Starters and Tiffin!


Malini's Microwave Chicken Soup
Le-Bouffe's Potato Chips
Srivalli's Masala Poha

Delicious Gravy or Curry from Microwave!


Kamala Bhoopathy's Lauki Sabji
Lata Raja's Punjabi Chole
Lata Raja's Vendaikkai kari
Le-Bouffe's Kobi Cha Zunka
Priyas' Aloo, Matar & Gobi Masala
Priya's Paneer Masala

One Pot Meal from Microwave!


Gayathri and Renuga's Spinach Masala Rice
Meena Thennaapan's Carrot Rice
Priya's Carrot Pulao
Priya's Mushroom Briyani
Priya's Peas Pulao
Saritha's Aloo Bath
Simran's Spinach Rice

Delicious Indian Sweets from Microwave!


Aruna's Kozhukattai
Lata Raja's Phirni
Le-Bouffe's Besan & Oats Ladoos
Le-Bouffe's Kutti
Le-Bouffe's Sevai Kheer
Priya's Badam & Pistachio Phirni
Priya's Bread Halwa
Priya's Semiya Paayasam
Saritha's Carrot halwa
Saritha's Samiya Payasam

And finally desserts to please all!


Jyothi's Chocolate Cake
Soma's Microwave Cupcake
Sweatha's Apple Brown Betty


Thank you everybody!

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Soma said...

Some inspiration for me. All that elaborate cooking in the MC!

Priya said...

Excellent roundup Sri...oh thats really nice that u didnt choose any theme for this month edition...will send my entries as usual...

Parita said...

Truly Amazing roundup !

srikars kitchen said...

wow.. great entries.. yummy recipes..

Pari said...

Nice entries dear. And a good round up.


Nice job Srivalli :)
Round up is very neat and will be useful too:)

Varunavi said...

Nice round up srivalli,different from what we see of the other events round up.

Malini said...

excellent and innovative roundup Sri....nice theme for the next event...

vidhas said...

lovley entries!!!

lata raja said...

Ha! I was unhappy not have have been able to post more. This month I shall.Do we send it to you?

kamalabhoopathy said...

Nice round up srivalli. I definitely send something for this month event also

Hari Chandana said...

Wonderful roundup.. :)

Divya Kudua said...

Ooops,I am sorry Valli,I totally forgot about this:(.Shall try and send it this month at least:)

Wonderful spread as always:)

Mythreyi Dilip said...

Every nice round up dear. Will try some entries for this month:)

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